Friday, February 12, 2010

Shear Genius 2 on Shear Genius 3 - Glenn Mitchell

Thank you T.V. gods for hearing our prayers! Camila.... Fabulous hair- Check, Diction- Check, Personality- Check! Momma is happy!

This episode was filled with funny one liners, of course anytime you bring food into a challenge its gonna get interesting. Lets pretend we're watching Glee and do a little MASH UP with them!

"Camila, I have got an announcement to make...."
its Blonderexic Day at the SG3 Salon!
"Are you open fer a lot of color?"
"Wait til the train wreck hair she gonna give you, then we'll talk.."
"I thought Color- Kim- Sh*T"
"It was 100% Melted"
"Noone deserves that hair, not even a TWO DOLLA Hooker"
"I think Helen Keller did it"
"I just gotta think of a way to win, without being able to do ANYTHING!"
"like booking a hooker and giving her $1500 and have her say 'give us a cuddle'"
"the proof is in the pudding"
"my Christmas turkey is ready" and "it is an utter disaster"
"was the challenge...'make your model an animal'"?
"it looked like she bit it off"
"so my plan completely backfired"
"I smell fish"
"your agent called she said dont eat that..."
"if you have to use styrofoam crap, then you are kinda a SH*T hairdresser"
"I need to throw him down a flight of in show girls!"
"You DONE Know"
"its not PROM-ON-Pretty"
"its a little more Big Top, a little more Circus"
"it reminds me of a blow fish"
"those balls were messy"
"its like Christmas morning, I guess, to a Jew... ITS AMAZING!"
yes kids this show really is....


You can find Glenn at shine(salon) in Decatur, AL, and on her Web site.