Friday, February 26, 2010

Shear Genius 2 on Shear Genius 3 - Glenn Mitchell

Episode 4 - Flowers! YAY...I'm a girl, I love flowers! Camila looks gorgeous as always. And I don't know if I'm just getting use to her accent, but the longer I watch her the easier she is to understand. Maybe it's like when you have a baby and you are the only one that knows what they are saying because you hear them speak all the time. I feel like I could be her translator now.

The challenge, create a unique style using flowers that is an abstract interpretation as if the flowers were actually hair. After all the models are chosen and things start moving along the only thing that really made me pause was when Brian asked his model where she was from originally and she responds with Hawaii. He says to her....“You guys have lots of indigenous people there”. Huh??? Did you see the look on her face. I guess he didn't really know what he was saying because indigenous basically means the first to inhabit, so Hawaiian people are indigenous to Hawaii and everyone else is not indigenous. Anyway there is your dictionary lesson for today. Lets move on..... Adee, Adee, Adee, do you do anything for yourself?!?! You said that your assistant bought flowers for your missus when you cheated on her, your assistant holds your dryer, your clips, combs and whatever you need.....does your assistant wipe your ass for you as well? Maybe that's why you keep sucking at all the challenges. You can do a haircut sure, but you don't know how to do anything without someone there helping you.

Brian got done awful quick so I really didn't think his was going to be all that creative, but I was wrong....his was the only one I actually liked! He created a unique style that actually looked like a flower. The judges liked April, but I personally thought her model looked like she had been rolling around in a patch of wildflowers. In the end Adee’s was the worse. The guest judge Harry Josh even gave him some feedback while working saying that his model looked a little like Ronald McDonald and he chose to ignore it. I really do hate that Adee can’t get it together with these challenges cause he is so freakin’ funny to watch. But alas, funny only gets you so far. At some point you have to have the talent in all areas of hair dressing to get you through. The ever entertaining Brig was true to form with her ...what did Janine call it..”a mess with flowers shoved in it”. BTW Brig...Hello Kitty called, she wants her bow back.

Elimination Challenge! At the house, sitting around, having a cocktail(cause that's what we did), and KNOCK KNOCK....Who's there?....Camila Mail. WHAT?!?!?! When did Tyra start hosting Shear Genius?!? I digress....The challenge is to restyle bridesmaids at a REAL Indian wedding for the reception party. Pressure is on bitches! This is no run through, it's the real thing so don't screw it up! And the best part! Tabatha Coffey! I love, love, love her blunt ass! She does not mince words and I respect the hell out of that! They are given 1 ½ hours to complete and I'm thinking to myself that this should be really good, cause in my salon that is more than enough time for a style, formal or otherwise. You people better put out some good hair, cause you's important! Brian got to pair up the models cause he won the short-cut challenge and I believe he liked that job a little too much. He was like the new manager at Taco Bell on a power trip!

There were some good styles, some great ones and a few bad ones, but I'm going to review some of my favorite comments first.

Amy - “I will lose, I will be out, I will go home”

Brig - “she is a non- negotiator.”

Adee - “I'm on a plane Monday night between me and you”

Sometimes I'm surprised by the judges top picks but this time I could definitely choose who would be top and bottom 3. Jon, Janine and Brian all did a good job, but thinking back on it, they all kind of looked the same with slight variations. Janine and Brian did what any good stylist should do. Consult with your client about what they would like to see and then lead them into a style that is best suited for the situation. Brian won and I believe it was mostly because his client was so happy with it. Not that it wasn't beautiful, but Jon/Yon took his client from chin length to long and luxurious and I personally would have chosen his as winner. But they didn't ask me so WHATEV!

Adee, Amy, and Brig in the bottom. Amy's style reminded me of Julia Roberts in Steel Magnolias only worse. Adee's was just boring and uninspired. With all his shit talking and ego pumping, he hasn't really done anything that showed us he deserved to be there. And Brig.....arguing with Tabatha is just a bad idea all around. I don't care what she says to you, you bow down and say, Yes Ma'am! Tabatha bitch slapped her with that hot dog comment. And when she and Adee were standing there awaiting their fate, I could have sworn she was giving Tabatha the stinkeye! But maybe they just edited that way =) In the end Adee is gone and everything is as it should be. Buh Bye Adee!! Until next week.....MUAH!

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