Thursday, January 07, 2010

Reactions to Episode 5 of Launch My Line

The fabulous Lady Gaga was on Launch My Line last night - but only for about 3.5 minutes! A bit of a letdown, no?

So what exactly were the designers supposed to create again? Something avant garde? A stand out piece? Don't really know if anyone really followed that rule, but the Catens (Squeak and Squawk) didn't make an issue of it during the judging. DJ Eric wins, with his spangly "disco ball" mini. He owes part of his success to Miss Amanda Fields who really worked that dress!

The least favorites were Marilyn's white gown and Patrick's "shaded" purple mess. Once again I thought it was curtains for our dandy Dandy, and once again I was surprised to see someone else get the boot. Sorry Marilyn, they've cut your line.

So what did you all think about it?