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Shear Genius 2 on Shear Genius 3 - Charlie Price

Did Anything Happen?

Here we are, together again, like a dysfunctional family desperately in need of a reality show intervention. Let’s ignore that and wallow in our shared lust for trashy TV like Sid and Nancy sharing a needle. Or, like Mary Kate and Ashley sharing a toilet as they purge a pepperoni pizza. Or, like Hugh Grant and Eddie Murphy sharing the ahhhh-fections of a tranny hooker. Or... Oh, you get the idea.

This week, our carefully vetted (LOL!) pack of wild hair stars kicked off with a short-cut challenge involving an abstract (huh?) hairstyle using fresh flowers. The elimination challenge dealt with the task of revamping the intricate hairstyles of the bridesmaids of a traditional Indian wedding party mid-ceremony. ZZZZZZZ…. Oops. I fell asleep. Where were we?


CAMILA: She looked great this week wearing a side swept wave complete with a flower. (You know I loved that, kids!) She then slicked her hair back in a large beautiful chignon decorated with an Indian wedding ornament. Stunning. She cried at the wedding reception. How darling.
JONATHAN. Oh my. Big J was “borderline pissed off” about Adee’s style. Okey dokey. Maybe he had gas cramps…
KIM VO. Not much to comment on. All Miss Vo had for us this week was more of those snapped PTA-woman smiles. They often remind me of Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun” video. Can someone get Kim a valium, for Christ’s sake? We must calm that shit down. We must.
ORLANDO. Was he there? Another waste of the hair titan—such a shame.
HARRY JOSH. Harry is great on TV! I enjoyed his comments and think he would have made an engaging weekly judge.
TABATHA. I always love this Aussie bitch. It is such a treat to see people cower before her majesty in abject fear. Viva la diva!


BRIAN. WTF! Instead of idiot, he may be an idiot savant. Interesting. He added an element of the unexpected to the otherwise dour hour. I doubt if he can keep it up though, his taste is sooo bad and he seems incapable of strategy. His clay flower twist was great and had a dynamic shape. He did have one fleeting chic moment here. He certainly called it when he said his elimination challenge model wanted to look like Kim Kardashian. Everyone in the room, save for the atrocious Amy, did a version of Kim on their ladies as well. Brian’s was the best Kim of the night. He will remain on SG for at least two more episodes with this double win, so one can expect that he will continue to further chip away at the dignity of our industry in those fourteen days.
ADEE. Thank god this wanker finally got the boot. He did manage to etch out an unforgettable portrait of himself as a complete moron and excruciating whiner though. I have never heard someone be so clueless about their profession whilst simultaneously bragging about how brilliant they are. He mentioned Beckham so many times that I wondered if the soccer star had his attorney’s draft a cease-and-desist order. My personal favorite was his constant way of blathering on about how his numerous assistants do virtually everything for him, as if this somehow explained away his utter ineptness at his craft. Adee on SG3 is a case of a macho hetero hairdresser at his egomaniacal and insecure worst. It’s as if styling and coloring are so beneath him and only ugly severe cuts deserve his golden hands. It was mean spirited fun to watch his puffed up cocky ass take hits week after week only to have him scamper away in defeat. Aww, Adee. It’s tough love, mate. Tough love. Maybe he went back to jolly old England and took a color class… Yeah. Prolly not. He is most likely driving some poor team of assistants to tears, as we speak, in hopes of somehow propping himself back up to his former pre-American TV glory. Now there’s a visual.

Normally, I also write about things I loved to hate, but this week’s show was so bland, I wanted to throw hot sauce all over it. I always enjoy a hair show—good, bad or heinous—but not even Tabatha and Brig’s showdown made me wanna slap my mama. Wouldn’t it be cool if April overdosed or Brig slapped Janine or Jon made Matthew cry? I’ll be here next week to talk serious shit even if they don’t

–XOXO. Farewell, my sweet little demons

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Shear Genius 2 on Shear Genius 3 - Glenn Mitchell

Episode 4 - Flowers! YAY...I'm a girl, I love flowers! Camila looks gorgeous as always. And I don't know if I'm just getting use to her accent, but the longer I watch her the easier she is to understand. Maybe it's like when you have a baby and you are the only one that knows what they are saying because you hear them speak all the time. I feel like I could be her translator now.

The challenge, create a unique style using flowers that is an abstract interpretation as if the flowers were actually hair. After all the models are chosen and things start moving along the only thing that really made me pause was when Brian asked his model where she was from originally and she responds with Hawaii. He says to her....“You guys have lots of indigenous people there”. Huh??? Did you see the look on her face. I guess he didn't really know what he was saying because indigenous basically means the first to inhabit, so Hawaiian people are indigenous to Hawaii and everyone else is not indigenous. Anyway there is your dictionary lesson for today. Lets move on..... Adee, Adee, Adee, do you do anything for yourself?!?! You said that your assistant bought flowers for your missus when you cheated on her, your assistant holds your dryer, your clips, combs and whatever you need.....does your assistant wipe your ass for you as well? Maybe that's why you keep sucking at all the challenges. You can do a haircut sure, but you don't know how to do anything without someone there helping you.

Brian got done awful quick so I really didn't think his was going to be all that creative, but I was wrong....his was the only one I actually liked! He created a unique style that actually looked like a flower. The judges liked April, but I personally thought her model looked like she had been rolling around in a patch of wildflowers. In the end Adee’s was the worse. The guest judge Harry Josh even gave him some feedback while working saying that his model looked a little like Ronald McDonald and he chose to ignore it. I really do hate that Adee can’t get it together with these challenges cause he is so freakin’ funny to watch. But alas, funny only gets you so far. At some point you have to have the talent in all areas of hair dressing to get you through. The ever entertaining Brig was true to form with her ...what did Janine call it..”a mess with flowers shoved in it”. BTW Brig...Hello Kitty called, she wants her bow back.

Elimination Challenge! At the house, sitting around, having a cocktail(cause that's what we did), and KNOCK KNOCK....Who's there?....Camila Mail. WHAT?!?!?! When did Tyra start hosting Shear Genius?!? I digress....The challenge is to restyle bridesmaids at a REAL Indian wedding for the reception party. Pressure is on bitches! This is no run through, it's the real thing so don't screw it up! And the best part! Tabatha Coffey! I love, love, love her blunt ass! She does not mince words and I respect the hell out of that! They are given 1 ½ hours to complete and I'm thinking to myself that this should be really good, cause in my salon that is more than enough time for a style, formal or otherwise. You people better put out some good hair, cause you's important! Brian got to pair up the models cause he won the short-cut challenge and I believe he liked that job a little too much. He was like the new manager at Taco Bell on a power trip!

There were some good styles, some great ones and a few bad ones, but I'm going to review some of my favorite comments first.

Amy - “I will lose, I will be out, I will go home”

Brig - “she is a non- negotiator.”

Adee - “I'm on a plane Monday night between me and you”

Sometimes I'm surprised by the judges top picks but this time I could definitely choose who would be top and bottom 3. Jon, Janine and Brian all did a good job, but thinking back on it, they all kind of looked the same with slight variations. Janine and Brian did what any good stylist should do. Consult with your client about what they would like to see and then lead them into a style that is best suited for the situation. Brian won and I believe it was mostly because his client was so happy with it. Not that it wasn't beautiful, but Jon/Yon took his client from chin length to long and luxurious and I personally would have chosen his as winner. But they didn't ask me so WHATEV!

Adee, Amy, and Brig in the bottom. Amy's style reminded me of Julia Roberts in Steel Magnolias only worse. Adee's was just boring and uninspired. With all his shit talking and ego pumping, he hasn't really done anything that showed us he deserved to be there. And Brig.....arguing with Tabatha is just a bad idea all around. I don't care what she says to you, you bow down and say, Yes Ma'am! Tabatha bitch slapped her with that hot dog comment. And when she and Adee were standing there awaiting their fate, I could have sworn she was giving Tabatha the stinkeye! But maybe they just edited that way =) In the end Adee is gone and everything is as it should be. Buh Bye Adee!! Until next week.....MUAH!

You can find Glenn at shine(salon) in Decatur, AL, and on her Web site.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tonight, on Real Housewives of Orange County

Real Housewives of Orange County Season 5 Thursday 2/25 @ 10/9c – Alexis’s mom down-to-earth, no frills mom comes to visit her daughter in the OC and she is not quite used to the glitz and glamour of Alexis’s life. The two have a good laugh over ladies lunch when they reflect on Alexis’s Missouri roots. Meanwhile, its Tamra’s birthday and her and Simon attempt a nice Birthday dinner in the midst of their marital problems. But when the subject of Vicki comes up, tension between the two brews. Will Simon’s stubborn ways ruin Tamra’s birthday?

BB Love to Adee Phalen

Adee had been having a difficult time in the competition, battling physical illness, difficult clients, and challenges that just didn't go his way. His choice of flowers in the Short Cut Challenge this week didn't work, and the Elimination Challenge 'do was too simple. But what can you do when your model is uncooperative?

Adee, we're sorry we never got to see what you can really do with a comb and scissors. You're already a successful stylist and that is sure to continue in the future. We wish you the best.

This post is for positive comments about Adee and his work. If you have anything negative to say about him or any of the other stylists, you may do so here.

Congratulations, Brian!

It was a double win for Brian this week. In the Short Cut Challenge, he used a mud mask and reddish dye to create an up-do reminiscent of a flower bud. Not only was it ornamented with flowers, it was a flower itself, and it looked lovely. In the Elimination Challenge, Brian and his model worked together to create a style that was both pleasing to her and flattering. The judges were impressed, and we were happy to see Brian show off what he can really do.

This post is for positive comments about Brian and his work. If you have anything negative to say about him or any of the other stylists, you may do so

Reactions to Shear Genius 3 Episode 4

So did you pry yourself away from the Olympics long enough to watch Shear Genius last night?

For the Short Cut Challenge, the stylists had to work flowers into their models' hair. Adee managed not to vomit, but he didn't do a particularly good job, either. Bryan used mud mask on his model's hair and used the hair itself as a bud. It took him about half the time allotted, but it was good enough to get him the win.

As the winner, he got to choose models for his competitors in the Elimination Challenge. Camila and the gang interrupt an Indian wedding in order to do torturous things to the bridesmaids' hair. Brian again emerged victorious for making his lady look like Kim Kardashian. Her hair, at least.

A few of the models were adamant about what they wanted - or didn't want - which of course was not pleasing to their stylists. The models won, the stylists lost - Brig, Amy and Adee ended up on the bottom. And finally Adee was given the boot. Seemed like a sure thing once he started talking about charging $400-$500 for a cut....

What did you think about this week's episode? Do tell....

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Shear Genius 3 Episode 4 Previews

Shear Genius SEASON 3 Wednesday 2/24 @ 10/9c – For this week’s challenge, the stylists leave the comfort of the salon to attend a real Indian wedding. When the ceremony ends, they are charged with the task of styling the bridesmaids’ hair before the wedding reception begins while over four hundred guests await their grand entrance. It doesn’t make the stylists any less nervous to know that Tabatha Coffey, former Shear Genius contestant and star of Tabatha’s Salon Takeover, is their guest judge for the challenge. Will the stylists live up to her high standards? And Adee seems to be a deer in headlights when he finds his talent hinders him from getting back to the basics of hair cutting. Will he be able pull it all together?

Monday, February 22, 2010

Kell on Earth - Tonight's Exciting Episode

BRAVO’s *Kell On Earth* Monday 2/22 @ 10/9c – Scandal hits the People’s Rev office when “Page Six” runs a gossip item involving one of their events. When Kelly and the team find out that one of the assistants’ friends was involved in the scandal, will that assistant’s days be numbered? And Kelly must crack the whip on a bunch of British seat crashers at an upcoming fashion show when they try to steal some of Kelly’s high-profile friends’ front row seats, will she cause a scene at the show?

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Shear Genius 2 on Shear Genius 3 - Charlie Price

Extended Remix

Hello, children. It’s your wicked step mother Charlie, and it’s time for another reality show bitchfest! So, sit back like Goldie Hawn in Death Becomes Her and eat that frosting right outta the can with your fingers. No. Really. I mean it. Do it. I want you to be comfortable. Can I get you anything before we start? A blanket? A line of blow? Just kidding (not really). Off we go, kids!

This week, I think I figured out what is missing from this season, a VILLAIN. Brig’s BS is fab, Adee’s perpetual outrage is a laugh, and Brian’s empty-headed musings are a must, but where, oh where, lays the EVIL, I ask you? Jon tries to be a bitch, but even he’s not invested in his own limp insults. I still love my SG, but there is a definitely not enough discord. Never underestimate the power and entertainment value of stinging verbal salvos and bitter contestant-on-contestant violence.


CAMILA. She was better this week. I giggled when she told Adee to, “slow down his horses,” and then schooled him on how models and hairstylists often don’t get to pick the photos during an editorial shoot. She showed authority and credibility. The tête-à-tête she engaged Jonathan in pertaining to Jon being “very rough” with his model, I found quite cute as well. We just might make a host of you yet, mi amiga bonita!

JONATHAN. His critique of Adee and Faatemah made me recall the boisterous and dick-ish Jonathan of yore. This time, however, he at least had a point. He was right on with his comments about how the contestants performed on a photo set. Maybe he is a real hairstylist after all.

KIM VO. My favorite tranny didn’t really have any memorable quips this week. His single ham-fisted attempt was (to Brig): “Don’t put baby in the corner,” which didn’t come close to his usual oeuvre of painfully cheesy zingers. YAWN!

GUEST JUDGE KEN PAVES. I like Ken—he’s good people. It was hilarious to see him sitting on the same panel as Miss Vo. They reminded me of Amanda Lepore and Sophia Lamar perched up there. LOL!


THE SHORT CUT CHALLENGE. Men with extensions—how divine! It was such mischievous pleasure to gawk at a room full of (presumably) hetero hombres as they were unceremoniusly emasculated on national television. Amy’s model anyone? LMAO! In a similar vein as the hairy chested bikini babes of episode one, no one could truly “win” this challenge—they all ended up looking ridiculous. NOW THAT’S SHEAR GENIUS.

MATTHEW AND JANINE. I was smitten with Janine when she called Matthew her “gusband” and compared the two of them to Karen and Jack. What was priceless, though, was Matthew’s sour expression in reaction to such a notion. Him, Jack? Never, darling. Never. Better still was Janine’s puss when Matthew proclaimed unequivocally that HE was the one in charge when the judges liked the results of their collaboration. I’m hoping they turn into frenemies, but I bet it won’t come to that.

BRIG—GO BITCH! You picked a fight, slapped some yellow extensions in yer hair, and ended up in the top two! Matthew and Janine did do a bang up job on their models, but you achieved virtually as good a result on, not one, but two models flying solo, and chewing up scenery to boot. You may go the distance after all, my precious little freak of nature.


ADEE. Poor thing. It’s such a shame that his most memorable moment on the show so far was when he puked in a bucket. All right. All right. It WAS fantastic that he shouted “Fuck that photo!” during judging. I have to admit it.

MATTHEW’S LARGESSE. It was classic when Matthew, after winning the short-cut challenge, said something like: “This look represents everything I stand for. It’s ‘true organic beauty.’” Didn’t you just put extensions in a man’s hair in an effort to give him a bigger and sexier look? Sooo organic, punkin! Another self indulgent Matthew-ism was: “I don’t toot my own horn but…” LOL! Eccentricities and illusions of grandeur aside, Matthew is obviously the most skilled and talented stylist here. Janine and Jon seem to be his only competition. When this much adulation from the judges is lavished so early, though, one should brace for them to pounce on even the tiniest mistake with unbridled fury. He and Janine will almost certainly make it to the end with Jon or possibly even (dare I say it) Brig talking the final slot in the top three.


Amy sucks and doesn’t cry nearly enough to be “the crier.” April has yet to interest me in the slightest, even her cockiness about being known at Conde Nast for doing men’s hair fabulously was a complete bore. Whatever. Brian’s goofy concentration on getting his models “into character” was lackluster TV as well. SNOOZE!


They kicked off Faatemah?!! She was one of the only people giving good (and funny) face on the interviews. Why not lose dull-as-a-doorknob April or über-annoying Amy. I almost feel that they might bring her back for some crazy twist later. (à la Chris from Project Runway). I pray they do something that could amp this shit up a notch since there is no stimulating carnage to drool over.

That’s it, children. Run off to bed now. Put mummy’s chardonnay down first, okay? HAAAAIIRRR IIIISSS IMMPORRRTANT!

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Ramona and Mario Singer are among the Celebrity Guests at "So Long Bryant Park"

Photo: Nick Hunt for PMc
Click here for the whole story.

Shear Genius 2 on Shear Genius 3 - Parker Plotkin

Well…finally an episode where someone else is dry heaving about the challenges other than me…

Don’t you find it odd that in the last episode, the elimination challenge surrounded food from The Dakota restaurant at The Roosevelt Hotel, and this week Adee had food poisoning.
Hmmm… I hope everyone is washing their hands after their restroom breaks.

On a side note…

It was nice to see Joel Warren as a guest Judge last week; both Warren-Tricomi and thedavidKspace (where I serve as salon director) are 2 of 5 L’Oreal national academies in the country. I give him a lot of credit and props for his styling and color prowess.

Either way, Adee was brilliantly exempted from the horrifying challenge of turning (mostly middle aged guys) into Fabio-esque middle-aged guys, with mullets.

Speaking of mullets, both Faatemah, and Amy (who I do really like btw) really made a clear case for why men going through a mid life crisis should always choose a high performance car over a bad rug.

Ken Paves was the judge on this particular challenge. I was really a little surprised to not hear J. Simpsons name tossed around on his client list.

Matthew was the judge’s favorite on this challenge, and while technically his models extentions were fairly seamless, I’m not sure that increasing the diameter of his already wooly Afro was all that flattering.

My picks for this challenge was Janine and Brian.

By the way I do LOVE BRIG… I’m not sure if she is the most talented. Who knows who is.
It is after all reality television.

Next we have the elimination challenge…

The Romance Novel Cover Shoot

Truly Adee should have saved a few nuggets of nausea for this one.

Matthew got first pick, and paired everyone up, and poor Brig was on her own (how fortunate for her). But in true Brig style she skated through successfully.

Brian and Amy had "Red feather reservations" but with no red feather. His men’s style looked like post homeless sex hair… not sexy at all.

Adee’s Daniel Day- Lewis was really great in terms of both style and cut. Highly overrated beauty school stylist/judge Jonathan Antin pointed out heatedly, that the cut Adee had done was irrelevant to an on set photo shoot. I agree with this to an extent (even though it came out of Jonathan’s mouth. I know, hard to believe). However, the show is called “Shear Genius,” and if cutting is totally irrelevant, than what is the world coming to.

I think Faatemah could have gone farther, but last night just wasn’t her night.

You can find Parker at the David K Space in Florida and on his Web site.

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Shear Genius 2 on Shear Genius 3 - Paulo Candido

OMG! Can we talk? Can we talk here? Where on God’s good green earth did they find these male models or I should say... Amy’s model?!?! “Do you know what you’re doing?..My hair isn’t gonna fall out or anything?”…….Ummmmm…No. Here’s how this works Mr Throw-Back Malboro Man Wanna-be Neanderthal. We are about to perform a Hair-o-cism and extinguish those nasty little 1974 ways from your dark and tainted soul. We will set it free so that it might slither away into the bowels of hell from whence they came. We are going to bring you into the modern age of men. Men who call themselves……..wait for it……..Metrosexuals. Where we wax away unwanted hair from our brows to our balls. We get facials (no, not like the one you saw in that b-rate porno last week)…we get updated haircuts, wear clothes that are not plaid and more than a year old. We traded in the fruit-of-the-looms for boxers to allow the man-berries freedom! We even carry a murse…..a man’s purse! Yes my dear Mr TBMMWN….welcome to the new you! …..oh did I mention I was gonna glue on some gorilla ball hair to the sides of your head??? Oh..I didn’t?? LOL…silly me.

Oh Addee…enough with the arrogant uncut British crap. Seriously. Maybe it should have been Addee walking out instead of Mufasa .aka ..Giacomo. “Going down like a whore at the Vatican”…hmm…did you plan that in honor of Ash Wednesday? Sad when your model puts you in check.
Mmmmmm…puke. Love it.
Oh my…Amy’s model looks like he just saw Kim Vo’s lips walk into the salon.
Matthew- Fabulous!! Guy looked amazing. Totally man candy
Brian- much better after. Disagree with peppermint patty comment.
Brig- oh..welcome back 80s
Janine- interesting. Kinda of looks like a reverse comb-over
Fateema- that The Vampire Lestat? I think he wants to suck her blood in revenge for that crazy mullet-mutation
April- ouch Bea Arthur comment…go Ken go…..the guy looks like he’s got ‘wind in the face’
Jon- hmm..interesting…you managed to teach your model…the Gay Flick of the hair
Amy- well it did look horrid. All he needed were some gold chains. I agree with the model, but also wished he had just kept his mouth shut. Doesn’t he look like he might own a gun-rack?

Go Matt and your organic sexiness…whatever the hell that means. Nice guns btw.

So Jon doesn’t read romance novels, but he reads porn. Let’s explore that. Reading……Porn. Do men really
read porn?? Is porn meant to be read? Last time I checked, and I do check often…..Porn is watched. Looked at. Stroked to. Rubbed to. Not read…..silly kitty cat. And what happened to your nose? Did you fall down in the hippie pool?


Oh Matthew has such an advantage….oohhh girl…POWER!!! This is the material that gives you a BONER!!

Can I just say I would love to smoke a peace pipe with Orlando and Brian….well I would have to duct tape Brian’s mouth though.

The Judging

Matt and Janine- not bad. Looked a little like Fabio. They worked well together.

Brian and Amy- horrible. The guy looked like an S.O.S. pad exploded on his head. The girl’s hair looked like ti was done by Helen Keller….mmm…not good.

Brig- hideous. Were the judges stoned?

Jon and April- girl looked good….guy looked like shit

Adee and Fatima- OMG…crap. Crazy thing is that I understood Adee at this point. His whole thing is the haircut. Everything revolves around the strong foundation of a well executed haircut. BUT…in this case its not about the haircut’s about the total end look. At the end of the day, the judges were looking at the final picture..haircut is irrelevant. Sooo…with that being said……I LOVE THE WAY HE WENT OFF!!! I was lauging so hard I almost peed my pants. He is such a loose cannon.

So Kim Vo really really liked Brig's work. It screamed of sexxxxxxxx……mmmm. And the way he said it….ewww. It was like a perverted possessed Chucky doll. That kinda freaked me out. Chill kitty kat!

Matt, Janine, and Brig in the top 3. Yay!! Matt is on a hot streak!!! Woohoo

Adee and Fateema in the bottom. If Adee stays, I’ll be shocked and pissed.


WHAT?!?!?! WHAT?!!?!?!? WHAT THE FFFF>>>>>>>>>>…..???????????

OMG…….WOW…….I need a drink….peace out…..

You can find Paulo at EgoMechanix Salon in San Jose, CA, and on his Web site,

Blogging Bravo Interview with Faatemah

Shear Genius Stylist, Faatemah talks about her experience on the Bravo Show.
Click here for the podcast.

Thank you Faatemah.

Shear Genius 2 on Shear Genius 3 - Glenn Mitchell

Episode 3 starts off with a bang....or a barf shall we say. Not that I don't have sympathy for those who have fallen ill, but GA-ROSS!!! Adee could have at least ran out of the room instead of throwing up his cheerios in front of the clients. With that being said, let me back up a bit.

I love this challenge...extensions on men! I really felt that most of the stylists would fail miserably on this challenge and the fact that several of them actually did a good job and made the styles blend and look realistic took me by surprise.

Brig is a nut, but one thing you can say is that girl is entertaining! "Billy Ray called..he wants his mullet back." I about spit coke all over my coffee table! Major complaint with her is that she is very unprofessional with her clients. I know, I know's TV, but they are your clients and when she told her guy that his hair was "Very Bowly", I hung my head! Is that a technical term in Simi Valley?

I can't believe I'm saying this because of my loath of all people named Matthew, but he rocks my socks! I'm sure at some point he's going to do a big ole' face plant, but as of right now he is rockin' out every challenge! Although he is very F.I.G.J.A.M! "I don't toot my own horn, but I'm really good at extensions." Well.....toot toot Matthew! And for those of you who don't know what FIGJAM is, I learned this gem from (hair stylist) Dennis Clendennen and it means. F**k I'm Good, Just Ask Me!

And poor Amy, her client asking her if she knew what she was doing was insulting. I was insulted just watching it. Dude, put your douche back in your pocket and shut up. Pissing off your stylist is not a good way to start the day. I don't think it mattered what she did to his hair, he wouldn't have liked it.

I can't say that I was in love with the elimination challenge. I think Matthew played it safe with the pairings and would have LOVED to see some more drama among the teams. He and Janine worked great together and did a good job....YAWN. April and Jon (or is it Yon, I get confused listening to Camila say his name, but then I heard someone else say Yon, but it's spelled Jon...ARGH!) anyway, they did an okay job....YAWN. Brain and Amy, another just okay job..YAWN. Adee and Faatemah... YAWN, and did she pull that out in the end, but yet another YAWN!

I love love loved me some Faatemah and I DO NOT...repeat DO NOT think that she should have been the one to go home, but I was very curious as to why she put a butt on the front of her models head. The judges were being nice calling them cinnabuns, but we all know it looked like a butt crack! Don't thought it!

For next week, please let Adee do a decent style or at least calm down the attitude. I'm having flashbacks of when I was sent home before someone way more deserving of the boot!

You can find Glenn at shine(salon) in Decatur, AL, and on her Web site.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Real Housewives of Orange County - Tonight

Real Housewives of Orange County Season 5 Thursday 2/18 @ 10/9c – Ladies lunch in San Fran ends with a bang when Alexis confronts Vicki on her judgmental and hypocritical attitude. Will the rest of the ‘wives take sides when Vicki is driven to tears? And the Lynne’s world seems to be crumbling around her when she must deal with the aftermath of her eviction notice. When she and her daughter sit down with her husband Frank to spell out their financial troubles, will the Curtain family be prepared to deal with truth of the matter? And will Lynne’s marriage fall victim?

BB Love to Faatemah

The elimination of Faatemah was a bit shocking to me, as I thought she was one of the more talented stylists and would ultimately end up in the final three. But she bit off a little more than she could chew with her complicated braided hairstyle, and Adee was no help because he spent too much time with his own model's hair. In this team challenge, it didn't seem like they worked much as a team, which was to Faatemah's downfall.

Faatemah - you are talented and outspoken and we would have loved seeing you stick around for several more weeks. But we know you'll have an amazing career, even without the Shear Genius crown.

This post is only for positive words about Faatemah and her styles. If you have anything negative to say, you may do so here.

Congratulations, Matthew!

Matthew seems unstoppable at this point. He won the Short Cut challenge by adding needed height to the crown of his curly-haired male model. In the Elimination Challenge, he led his team to victory with both his hairstyling and leadership skills, and his professional demeanor during the photo shoot.

I think we're going to be seeing a lot more great hair from Matthew. What do you think?

This post is only for positive words about Matthew and his styles. If you have anything negative to say, you may do so here.

Reactions to Shear Genius 3 Episode 3

Ok, so this week in a nutshell: the most drama came from Adee barfing on set, claiming food poisoning. Wouldn't everyone be eating the same thing, and, stuck as they are in close quarters 24/7, shouldn't everyone be sick?

The Short Cut challenge involved putting hair extensions on men, with the guidance of Extension Master Ken Paves. And of course with his own personal brand of extensions. Matthew won by making his curly-haired guy look like Willie Aames from Eight is Enough, but somehow that was considered a good thing.

The Elimination Challenge involved styling models for the covers of cheesy romance novels. As winner of the Short Cut, Matthew got to chose a partner and select their cheesy star-crossed lovers, plus pair up the remaining stylists and assign couples to them. Brig was the cheese (Velveeta, by the color of her hair) - she stood alone. How was it fair that she had to do 2 heads of hair in 2 hours, and everyone else got to work in pairs?

In the end, she managed to hide her mis-matched extensions and fool the judges into thinking she did a faboo job. Matthew and Janine did an even more (actual) faboo job and Matthew - as self-appointed team leader - got the win.

Adee and Faatemah were chosen as the bottom two. Faatemah was unceremoniously given the boot by the warm and charismatic Camila Alves, while Adee was left to whine and complain another day. I'm starting to see a pattern here....

So what did you think?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Shear Genius 3 Episode 3 Previews

Shear Genius SEASON 3 Wednesday 2/17 @ 10/9c – In their third shortcut challenge, the remaining stylists are presented with a unique twist on using extensions where celebrity hair stylist Ken Paves serves as guest judge. But when one of the contestants seems to be battling a terrible case of food poisoning, will he try to get out of completing the challenge? And will the other stylists believe him?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Millionaire Matchmaker is on Tonight!

Millionaire Matchmaker Tuesday 2/16 @ 10/9c – Patti is alllll too familiar with her latest client; a tabloid fixture, oil-heir Jason Davis is known for his outlandish antics and eccentric behavior. Can Patti clean up his sloppy exterior and whip him into shape for the opposite sex? Patti’s other client David is tall, athletic, intelligent, and handsome but lacks the confidence to talk to women. Will the team train him to easily-approach the opposite sex in time for his dates?

Monday, February 15, 2010

Kell on Earth Previews

RAVO’s *Kell On Earth* Monday 2/15 @ 10/9c – As New York Fashion Week comes to a close, the staff at People’s Rev must work hard to pull off one more event where Kelly and the team have a gaggle of young male models wearing body suits for the show. Meanwhile in the office, employees "hit a road bump in their work relationship" which Kelly will have to resolve – by getting rid of one of them…?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Shear Genius 2 on Shear Genius 3 - Charlie Price

“What were they thinking!”

Welcome back for another online snark attack with your scathing, satanic blogger—ME! Okay, SG3—Week TWO: I have much more to say than last week. Let’s let it rip, shall we?

The Judges:
Camila—I wasn’t crazy about the braided side-bun she sported during the Shortcut Challenge, but I did fancy the big and sexy frizzy-do she donned for the Elimination Challenge (was Hairdo One simply the set and Hairdo Two the comb-out? Hmmm). I also love her flowing caftan-esque gowns, BUT her presentation skills leave a lot to be desired. She also lost the spicy bite of last week, except for one fleeting little moment when she coldly banished Arzo, ordering her to say her goodbyes and leave (after Arzo accused her of unfair judging). That was her only mildly zesty moment. Come on, MOMMY, bring it harder for the gays next week. PLEASE!

Jonathan—For someone who usually is so obnoxious, I found him bland this week. He seemed almost bored (but not as bored as I was watching him. LOL!).

Orlando—I’m getting the feeling (from the re-caps, blogs and viewer comments) that the general audience, including many hairdressers, doesn’t have a clue how significant a figure this man is in the fashion world. Unfortunately, his elegant quiet personality just isn’t dynamic and tele-genic enough for those poor peasants who don’t know about him to bother finding out why they should.

Kim Vo—Kim, I know you are a friendly guy, but that psychotic grin that is forever plastered across your mug doesn’t evoke “nice lady “ like you think it does. It just reads “insane.” A couple more things. ONE: you can shout “BLONDEREXIC” over and over again, but it will never become some national catchphrase. TWO: You can conjure up doozies like “interracial snowman,” but it doesn’t take the place of actual judging. Having said all of that, you have successfully etched out a twisted little place for your self in the pantheon of reality show freaks, which is a niche even I could admire…

Guest Judge—Mr. Warren, it is a slippery slope to tell Brig that there is nothing “classy” about her tiramisu inspired up-do when doing so in a decidedly heavy, down-market New Jersey accent. Call me crazy but something tells me that Brig’s obviously calculated agenda on SG3 does not include being “classy!”

Things I Loved:

The Challenges
—One technical color challenge and one quite pretentious and silly challenge. Cheeseburger as avante-garde hairdo was my personal favorite absurd artistic sartorial proposition to consider.

Jon’s winning SCALLOP FRENCH TWIST—He did a smooth tasteful style with high fashion bangs. It managed to be both pretty and creative at the same time. The color was well done, and I adored how he interpreted the scallops with bleached hair. I hope this love/hate with Matthew boils up into something frothy and toxic in future episodes. Mama’s hungry fer some fuedin’, stylists!

Janine and Faatemah—I loved Janine’s messy “salad” look and I thought Faatemah did a lovely blonde hair color in the Shortcut Challenge—and nobody beats her commentary.

Matthew’s work—He was confident, adventurous and well-spoken. I admire what he did with the tragic blonde tranny (did she have an anxiety disorder BTW? She seemed to twitch an awful lot.). The sushi bouffant he whipped up was tasteful, skillful and chic. I think he would have won if the fishtail hadn’t loosened.

BRIG!—Some have said she was trying way to hard—I say she is the only one trying at all—she’s good TV! Keep up the wackiness, babe!!!

Things I Loved To Hate

Adee—He doesn’t have the pathos of Brig, but his angry swagger is amusing.
The fact that he is a mediocre talent only enhances all his cussing and frustration. I betcha he will end up staying around passed the half way mark.

GIACOMO! WTF ?—One minute you are ripping your shirt off and peacocking around bare-chested. Then, without warning, you bow out at the beginning of episode two!!?? Don’t pretend you went through the whole casting process then left because you missed your kids. YOU ARE A WIMP! The best part is your cowardice will live on film FOREVER! ENJOY!

Arzo—OH, HONEY, you didn’t really think these shows are judged fairly, did you? Maybe if you weren’t so completely banal they would have seen how skilled you actually are. Of course yours wasn’t the worst! Sooo not the point…

BRIAN!!!—That shit you came up with was busy, frizzy and made me dizzy, girl. Camila, Kim, and Jonathan must have been on ecstasy, because you should have been sent home for that atrocity. Even Amy’s hideous style was better than your indiscretion. BARF!! WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!

Remember, kids: HAIR IS IMPORTANT. Until next week, bitches…

You can find Charlie at Click Salon in Denver and on his Web site.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Shear Genius 2 on Shear Genius 3 - Glenn Mitchell

Thank you T.V. gods for hearing our prayers! Camila.... Fabulous hair- Check, Diction- Check, Personality- Check! Momma is happy!

This episode was filled with funny one liners, of course anytime you bring food into a challenge its gonna get interesting. Lets pretend we're watching Glee and do a little MASH UP with them!

"Camila, I have got an announcement to make...."
its Blonderexic Day at the SG3 Salon!
"Are you open fer a lot of color?"
"Wait til the train wreck hair she gonna give you, then we'll talk.."
"I thought Color- Kim- Sh*T"
"It was 100% Melted"
"Noone deserves that hair, not even a TWO DOLLA Hooker"
"I think Helen Keller did it"
"I just gotta think of a way to win, without being able to do ANYTHING!"
"like booking a hooker and giving her $1500 and have her say 'give us a cuddle'"
"the proof is in the pudding"
"my Christmas turkey is ready" and "it is an utter disaster"
"was the challenge...'make your model an animal'"?
"it looked like she bit it off"
"so my plan completely backfired"
"I smell fish"
"your agent called she said dont eat that..."
"if you have to use styrofoam crap, then you are kinda a SH*T hairdresser"
"I need to throw him down a flight of in show girls!"
"You DONE Know"
"its not PROM-ON-Pretty"
"its a little more Big Top, a little more Circus"
"it reminds me of a blow fish"
"those balls were messy"
"its like Christmas morning, I guess, to a Jew... ITS AMAZING!"
yes kids this show really is....


You can find Glenn at shine(salon) in Decatur, AL, and on her Web site.

Shear Genius 2 on Shear Genius 3 - Paulo Candido

Paulo Candido offers his thoughts on episode 2 in "live blog" format:

OMFG......Giacomo just left??? You miss your kids?!?!? SERIOUSLY?!? WTF? There are thousands of people out there who would have given up their left tit or nut for a spot on the cast and this guy leaves at the beginning of the second episode?? Let me put this into a different perspective. Based on our experience with season 2, episode 2 is the 3rd day of filming. Factor in a couple of days for commercials and promo stuff and the time in the hotel being considered...thats less than 2 weeks. Seriously, you miss your kids that much?! I think he really blew it on that move.

And all I can say is that Brig is clever as hell. I loved her strategy on getting Matthew to go for the bait. I laughed my ass off. I mean you're standing there freaking out about the challenge and all it's time constraints and unrealistic expectations...I digress...and you're wondering what the hell you're gonna do. This girl does that and maps out a strategy about models??? WOW...go girl!

Poor Einstein. Stressful enough doing the challenge and making every second count, then you get bleach in your model's eye. Oh dear.....

Adee, Adee, Adee....he cracks me up.

How many times did Kim Vo say the word Blonderexic?!? 300?? LOL.. Botoxerexic?

Whoa, didnt see that one coming...Matthew rocked that one out. Model looked great.

This is an interesting challenge. Inspired by food. I will say that so far the challenges have been interesting. Oh and that beautiful salon that they are working in. Very you sense the sarcasm yet?? lol

Wow there are some big personalities on this season. WOW.

Ok for the record. I don't care much for Jonathan Antin. He may be famous and all but he does nothing really to inspire me. But he sure as hell makes me laugh at some of the shit that comes out of his mouth. I loved it when he dropped an F-bomb during the judging. Hilarious. Kim Vo is Kim Vo. Bless him. BUT NO JACLYN SMITH?!? NOOOOOOOOOOO! She brought something to the show that Camila Alves lacks..GREATLY...and that is....grace. When Jaclyn would kick a stylist off, she had such a compassion that was so real. Camila, with that annoying accent, dismisses you off as if you're the spawn of Satan. It's like...Sorry, this is your final get out. Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya.

You can find Paulo at EgoMechanix Salon in San Jose, CA, and on his Web site,

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Real Housewives of Orange County - Previews

It’s a surprise that rocks the Curtin family to the core when Lynne’s daughters are handed an eviction notice (!) while their parents are out. When Lynne finds out and confronts her husband, the two must face the harsh truth – looks like she’s been kept in the dark about their finances for a while. Will they be able to survive this hurdle?

And when the ladies get away to San Fran, tensions between Alexis and Vicki mount when Vicki takes business calls at the lunch table after criticizing Alexis for taking too many calls from her husband. Oh snap.

Congratulations, Jon!

Jon took his dish of seared scallops and translated them perfectly into hair, from the color, to the shape, to the "garnish." He is also the only stylist to actually cut his model's hair as well as color it. Bravo, Jon, for taking a fairly difficult concept and making it look like an absolute breeze.

Please leave only positive comments about Jon and his styles on this post. If you have anything negative to say about her or her competitors, you may do so

BB Love to Arzo Nazamy

Arzo - a woman with styling in her blood - unfortunately didn't impress the judges with her interpretation of tuna tataki. She had intended to make it hot and sexy, but the look didn't achieve the heights she sought. didn't seem to me that hers was the worst style up there.

Arzo - you are a very talented stylist and we wish you much success in your career.

Please leave only positive comments about Arzo and her styles on this post. If you have anything negative to say about her or her competitors, you may do so

Reactions to Shear Genius 3 Episode 2

Right off the bat, Giacomo wimps out and leaves the competition, citing three kids he needs to take care of. Riiight. Maybe he just couldn't "cut it?"

The Short Cut challenge involved "blondarexia," a word I've come to hate. But blond Kim Vo wanted to see some over-processed blondes come out of the challenge with healthier-looking a different color. Brig tried to psych Matthew out, but she ended up giving him and advantage.

As for the Elimination Challenge - it was one of the more creative challenges I've seen, as the stylists had to create a hairdo based on a plate of food. Tuna Takaki hair? Chocolate Mousse hair? Some worked, some didn't. In the end, Arzo was asked to leave and Jon emerged victorious.

Did you agree? Or not? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Shear Genius 3 Episode 2 Previews

Are you ready for another episode of Shear Genius? Gotta have something fun to keep us East Coasters' minds off the snow!

Heres the rundown: Kim Vo arrives to explain the next challenge, color repair, in which the stylists must refresh damaged blonde dye jobs, two stylists fear getting stuck with the dye job from hell. Then, for the elimination challenge, the stylists travel to the iconic Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel to create avant-garde hairstyles based on a tasting menu from the hotels famed Dakota restaurant. Joel Warren from the styling team of Warren-Tricomi joins as guest judge for this challenge. Who will create the most cutting-edge cut and who will get cut?

Monday, February 08, 2010

Recapalooza - Shear Genius 3 Episode One

theminx is not impressed with Camila Alves.

Reality Wanted thinks Brig is going to make good tv.

Television Without Pity pulls out the snark.

Ok - so three recaps don't make a 'looza. So if you know of any more out there, please drop a line to theminx and let her know!

Kell on Earth, Tonight!

BRAVO’s newest series is just heating up! After last week’s fashion week mishap with client Chado Ralph Rucci, Kelly is determined to make sure the next show goes off without a hitch. But when front of house gets waaay out of hand during the press check-in, will newly-promoted employee Stefanie be able to handle the pressure? And Kelly and her staff have an emergency on their hands when a model collapses during one of their events, how will the team handle the crisis?

See two more clips here.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Shear Genius 2 on Shear Genius 3 - Charlie Price

I’m happier than a label whore at a D&G clearance sale - Shear Genius is finally back!! I love watching the freaks, bad attitudes and tacky outfits - and baby all the DRAMA. So - here we go child! Lets talk some shit shall we?

Lets start with the judges:
  1. Camila Alves. The pretty lady did well enough I thought, she is charming and will do just fine. True she doesn’t have the polished speaking chops of a Jaclyn or Padma -but I say give the hottie a fair shot anyway (plus who doesn’t adore a sexy Spanish accent ?).
  2. Jonathan Antin was a pleasant surprise. He was the last douche on his masturbatory ego–fest of a show “Blow Out“ –but here he seemed like a credible and fair judge –who knew?
  3. Orlando Pita – I have not a bad word to say about this true hair genius. I just wonder-Why THIS gig PAPI? You are sooo above it ! My only guess is maybe he just wants to connect with the salon hairstylist – to further push his line of products for T3 –who knows? If its something along those lines honey, who can blame him.?
  4. Kim Vo –What can I say –after Armageddon there will be Cher, cockroaches and Miss Vo’s lips.
Things I LOVED:
  1. Janine’s spunkiness, Demi voice –and that siiick hairdo –GORGEOUS!
  2. Faatemah- A hilarious breath of fresh air – I cant wait to see more of her.
  3. The two ridiculous challenges! – Lets all pray they get even more ridiculous OK?
  4. Adee freaking out and screaming in a heavy English accent then kicking the Nexus displays around startling the shit out of the other contestants in the process --LMAO!!
  5. Brian’s hippy- dippy-and trippy routine completed with an artfully placed fart joke. GROSS!
Things I loved to HATE:
  1. Matthew saying “google me” LOL
  2. Amy’s braided hair bra –that was painful and delightful at the same time!
  3. Brig’s rollerskate shtick –Oh my! She is a special type of attention whore that Brig!
  4. The bottom three hairdos (which harshly brought to light that hairy chests just aren’t pretty-and- that maybe just maybe- not ALL of these kids truly are “the best of the best”)
  5. Giacomo taking of his shirt OY VEY!
I can’t wait! I want MORE! MORE! MORE! Shear Genius RULES! – Ill see all you bitches next week-xoxo-Charlie
You can find Charlie at Click Salon in Denver and on his Web site.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Bravo Exit Interview - Shear Genius - Joey Scandizzo

Shear Genius 2 on Shear Genius 3 - Glenn Mitchell

Several former Season 2 stylists have volunteered to give us their thoughts on Season 2. Be prepared for snark and brutal honesty!

First up, the lovely and talented Glenn Mitchell.

Shear Genius 3 episode one left me with a bit of emptiness. These contestants were supposed to be stronger, faster, hotter, and more talented then the the 2 previous seasons. Ummm not so much. The first challenge of the evening should have been the elimination challenge. A makeover will always take longer then a "styling" challenge.

Now... Let's pick the hots and nots. Right off, I will probably never like hairdressers named Matthew, and this one reminds me of a troll doll. Glad the Aussie went home, his half-relaxed hot mess hair would have made me start scratching myself like a junkie if I had to continue to look at it all season. Shirley Temple's brother, let's just call him GetMo, because I think he may do some things to hair that we just don't need to know about!

Now Ms. Fabulous, any girl threatening to send people home in a body bag is a girl after my own heart, didn't show much last night.... But I think she is one to watch! I think the Nashville boy who uses Kim Vo's plastic surgeon should be entertaining. And the little girl from Pixie Hollow (pixie blade), Amy has my curiosity up. I am excited to see what next week brings.... Hopefully a personality to Camila.
You can find Glenn at shine(salon) in Decatur, AL, and on her Web site.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Blogging Bravo Interview with Merle Ginsberg

Launch My Line finalist Merle Ginsberg talks about her experience on show. Merle is a fashion journalist and author. Click here for Merle's website.
Click here for the podcast.

Thank you Merle!

Blogging Bravo Interview with Kathy Rose

Launch My Line Winner Kathy Rose talks about her experience on the Bravo Show. Congratulations Kathy!

Click here for the podcast.

Click here to shop Kathy's "Native Rose" collection on Rue La La.

Real Housewives of Orange County Previews

Things are REALLY getting out of control in the OC tonight as the bicker-fest between Tamra and Simon rages on. In an attempt to stabilize their marriage, Tamra and Simon get a group together for drinks, but when Tamra confesses a secret to Simon, will their fun-filled day be ruined? And Lynne gets all the ladies and husbands together for a housewarming party in her new home. But, what starts off as a civilized gathering doesnt last too long when a heated argument breaks out between Simon and Vicki. Whose side will Tamra choose?

Find out tonight at 10/9c.

Congratulations, Janine

After finishing in the bottom three for the Short Cut Challenge, Janine was looking pretty good for elimination in this episode. But she pulled out all of the stops with her interesting braiding technique and ended up with the perfect water nymph. Congrats!

Please leave only positive comments about Janine and her styles on this post. If you have anything else to say, you may do so here.

BB Love to Joey

Australian surfer-dude Joey tried for a beachy look in this challenge, and it didn't quiet work. He had stiff competition in the bottom three, but it seems he got beat out by a hair.

Joey, we wish you could have stayed around for a while longer. You seem to be a fun guy and a great stylist and we wish you much luck in your career.

Please leave only positive comments about Joey and his styles on this post. If you have anything else to say, you may do so here.

Reactions to Shear Genius 3 Episode 1

I don't know about you, but I've been waiting for the return of Shear Genius for over a year now, and I'm excited to see it back. So far, I'm not sure what to think about new host Camilla Alves - she seems a little stiff and her accent is almost as bad as Rene Fris. Speaking of whom - he may have talked funny, but he was sure purty to look at! Orlando Pita, the new mentor, is even stiffer than Alves. Thank God for new judge Jonathan Antin - he's bound to spice things up. Or even cry.

This season's cast of stylists look to be a bunch of interesting personalities. Quirky ones, at least. Hard to tell who is going to turn out to be the bitch at this point, but I'm sure we'll find out before too long.

What did you all think of the premiere? Did you like the new cast of hosts/mentors/judges? Did you agree with the winning and losing styles? Please tell us what you think here in the comments.

Congratulations to Kathy and Emil!

Kathy, a jewelry designer, was named the winner of Launch My Line. Her line will be carried at, a most fabulous sample sale site. Congratulations to you, and to your expert, Emil. You worked well together and put out a very lovely and cohesive line. We all hope you can make the transition to fashion designer, and that you will be successful.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Shear Genius Season 3 Premiere Previews

The long awaited third season of Shear Genius starts tonight at 10/9c! Are you as excited as I am?

Here are a couple of previews.

Launch My Line Finale Part 2 Previews

Tonight’s episode is going to be major…scratch that, it’s going to be MAY-JAH...when a major-mega and super famous Grammy Award-winning entertainer stops by for a surprise visit the designers are inspired to pull out all the stops to impress the judges. After weeks of hard work, the remaining contestants finally get the opportunity show their full collections in the final fashion show.

Who will go home disappointed? And who will get to launch their line?

Tune in tonight @ 9/8c!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Millionaire Matchmaker Previews

Patti announces that she is sick and tired of dealing with some of her old clients. It is time to clean up the old files and make room for new clients. But, there is one client Patti just can’t seem to shake: Shauna Raisch, 42, Patti’s arch nemesis from last season. Will she take Patti’s advice and date men that are much more “age appropriate?” And Patti’s other client, Michael Persall, 30, is a real treat, he’s young and rich with movie star good looks! But when Patti meets him, the truth comes out: he is painfully shy and has a hard time talking to girls. Will Patti be able to pull Michael out of his shell?

Tune in tonight @ 10/9c.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Kelly Cutrone on Today

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Kell On Earth Premiere Tonight!

On tonight’s series premiere, get a behind the scenes look at the high-powered and fast-paced world of fashion PR as Bravo follows the life of public relations guru, Kelly Cutrone. Cutrone has been called one of the "coolest, most intimidating persons ever," and, judging from her frank demeanor and fashion world credibility, it's easy to see why.

How does Kelly balance running her wildly successful fashion PR company, People's Revolution, juggling Fashion Weeks in New York and London, all while being a single mother and one of New York's most notable women about town? Don’t miss the highly-anticipated premiere tonight!

Tune in tonight @ 10/9c.

Find two more previews here.