Monday, November 09, 2009

Tonight, on Bravo!

Oscar winner Hilary Swank pays James Lipton a visit for an in-depth interview on BRAVO's Inside the Actor's Studio tonight at 7/6c! The two dive into some of her most notable and emotional roles including "Million Dollar Baby", "Boys Don't Cry", and her latest turn as the title character in "Amelia". Don't miss this revealing sit-down as Hilary gets emotional about her experience filming "Boys Don't Cry" and gets giddy at the mention of Clint Eastwood!

Later at 10/9c, the terrible real estate market continues to up the competition for Chad, Madison, and Josh on a new episode of Million Dollar Listing. Chad heads to Malibu to meet a potential seller and quickly learns that the client has a history working with Madison, causing Chad to step up his game if he wants to land the deal. Josh continues working on selling a piece of undeveloped land, but when he suggests that they need to lower the price to up the interest, the client is less than thrilled! And Madison's skills are questioned when a stubborn seller wants him to find other ways to generate interest in her house -- is he up for the task?

You can find two more previews for Million Dollar Listing here.