Monday, May 24, 2010

Work of Art - Meet Judith Braun

Judith began her formal art training in 1965 at the Fashion Institute of Technology where she studied illustration. The oldest contestant in the competition, Judith proves that with age comes wisdom and with experience comes the desire to keep learning. With four art related degrees, eight solo exhibitions, and numerous group exhibitions in far reaching locations such as Spain, Miami, and New York, Judith is showing no signs of slowing down. Throughout her career, she has traveled to give a slide lecture at the Art University of Berlin, participated in the “Bad Girls” exhibition at the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York, and obtained a front-page review in ArtNet Magazine. Judith’s artistic journey has encompassed the disciplines of realistic figure drawing and painting, photocopy and text, and most recently, graphite and charcoal. Based in New York City, she seeks to explore her creative expression within the constraints of abstraction, symmetry, and carbon based materials.