Thursday, November 04, 2010

Meet the Designers - Rolando "Ro" Tamez

Rolando "Ro" Tamez was born and raised in Houston, Texas. Rolando attended Wade College where he graduated with an Associates Degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising in 2008. His looks and attitude have always set him apart from the crowd and his approach to design is just as bold and daring. Rolando loves being able to design something pure and classic one moment and design something theatrical and "dragesque" the next. Keeping up with the trends of the current economy, Rolando has tailored his designs to include the budget-conscious consumer. He uses old clothing to recreate new designs that are one of a kind. Just this year, Rolando held his very first fashion show and was featured on two covers of Houston based JMG Magazine. Currently, he is in the process of creating an online boutique to sell his clothing. His best fashion advice is: “Never fear what anyone might think or say about what you wear. Confidence is the best outfit you will ever wear.”