Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Meet the Designers - Tamara Jones

Tamara Jones is and has always been an ambitious young woman. Raised in Chicago’s west side, Tamara was the fourth of five children. Her curiosity and appreciation for fashion set her on the path destined for design. By the time she was in high school, Tamara was receiving orders to turn oversized basketball jerseys into trendy dresses. Although her designs were gaining notoriety and made buzz around town, the attention had its setbacks too -- at times, her materials and sewing machines were stolen, but Tamara was never deterred. Her talents were recognized throughout Chicago, and in 2003 she was awarded third place in the Illinois VICA Commercial Sewing Competition. After high school, she enrolled in Columbia College Chicago to pursue her Bachelors degree in Fashion Design. Adding to her recognitions, Tamara was a finalist in the Round Bobbin Emerging Young Designers’ and the Fashion Group International Design competitions in 2006. Most recently, Tamara’s designs graced the runway at her Alma Mater. Since receiving her bachelors degree in 2008, Tamara’s passion for fashion has enabled her to make great strides from being a seamstress for Nordstrom to creating and growing her own women’s wear line “4 Tamara Nicole.”