Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Kimerick

Here is my Ode to Kim Zolciak. I put a lot of love into this one!

There once was a Housewife named Kim
The bulb in her brain is on “dim.”
She likes to go shop
With funds from Big Pop
She wears Granny Panties for him.

Season Two and Big Poppa is gone.
Her checking account overdrawn
A belt for three grand?
The D&G brand?
With Kim, shopping’s never a yawn.

A different dress in every scene
Her wardrobe is fit for a queen.
Bravo pay must be great.
Kim seeks a new mate,
Whose credit card limit’s obscene.

Never down, Kim pursues a career
As a singer - she’s made it quite clear.
Dallas tries not to laugh
Along with the staff.
Apparently Kim can not hear.

Now that her wig’s been exposed
A new business opp is proposed
So Kim goes to class
How long will she last?
Fifteen, twenty minutes at most.

Still Kim carries on with a smile.
Managing “friendships” with guile.
Her integrity flawed
Self-awareness – a fraud.
Kim – you make Thursdays worthwhile.