Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Real Housewives of Atlanta - Episode Three LimeRecap

There once was a Housewife named Nene
Whom no one would ever call “teeny.”
At least six feet tall
She loves a good crawl
And Greg loves her in a bikini.

Her presence is simply like “Bam!”
She enters and says, “Here I am!”
All eyes turn her way
She’s ready to play
The only response is “Yes, Ma’am.”

She’s got even Anderson Cooper.
Rallying ‘round like a trooper.
And now a new book
We won’t overlook
Nene, we think you’re just super.

So who is this tacky new girl?
Daring to pull Lisa’s curls?
Saying Nene’s a plus?
And making a fuss?
We’ll watch as the season unfurls.

For no one can really touch Nene.
Her breasts swinging low and so free-nie.
She’s bigger than life
A devoted Housewife
Her charm sure lights up the small screen-ie.