Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Rachel Zoe Project - A LimeRecap

I'll admit I am hooked on Zoe! What a fabulous premiere episode!!!! If you missed or doubted that it was really going to be good, please check the Bravo schedule - there is a repeat today at 1:30!

There once was a stylist named Zoe
Who anticipates where trends will go.
If Rodger and Tay
And Brad say okay,
Rachel can put on a show.

For Rach, even Karl is compliant
Removing a sleeve for her client
And sending the dress
By Federal Express
He knows that her instinct is giant.

Celebrities trust in her taste
In her, reputations are placed
She’s always spot-on
Best-dressed lists forgone
Her clients are never disgraced.

For Cameron, Eva and Anne
Her people do all that they can
With clutches and shoes
And jewelry to choose
Following Rachel’s set plan.

Her memory's like a steel trap.
Gowns are recalled with a snap.
A runway in France
Has Rach in a trance
And dreaming of gowns in her nap.

But Rachel knows just what is right
For each woman’s color and height
She won’t let you down
You’ll have the best gown
In midnight, in pink or in white.

The pressure is on Rachel’s team
Taylor can sometimes be mean
But Brad’s in a bowtie
A “go-with-the-flow” guy
Perfectly balanced, supreme!

Don’t miss the “Project” next week.
As Rach makes sure everyone’s chic.
Oscar season is here
Add drama sincere.
Who’ll be the first one to freak?