Thursday, July 02, 2009

Reactions to The Fashion Show Episode Nine

Well, that was an interesting episode, wasn't it? A Mini Challenge that involved sewing, and a visit to the tarot card reader....

theminx: I really enjoyed this episode. So nice to see the designers whittled down to a handful, so we can spend more time on each design (hate that we get only cursory glances early in the season because there is so little time/too many designers). I liked that the Mini Challenge had actual design and sewing content this week, but that guest judge - she had quite the sourface, didn't she? The looks of disdain she threw the designers as she looked at each of their offerings - wow. I knew Anna would win because she was the only one that didn't get a sneer.

The tarot card reading field-trip was a nice touch - something they should have done more often. The field trip, not the card reading.... It was interesting to see how the designers chose to interpret the cards. Personally, I loved Merlin's yellow coat; the sweatsuit, not so much. But his interpretation - something to wear while taking a trip - was apt. And he ended up taking a trip - off the show.

Anna's dress was - wow! Loved the fabric she chose, and the shaping on the skirt was beautiful. It looked like a good choice for gals who are not curvaceous. (Remember the week Keith got eliminated? Had he done something like this, shape-wise, he might still be around.) Bravo is offering the dress on their site, but they've changed the fabric to something resembling clown barf. Unfortunate.

Laura K: I have never been to a psychic and after seeing this episode, I never want to. That place was CREEPY. It must have been warm in there too. Ick.

Also, after interviewing many of the eliminated designers, not one of them had anything nice to say about Isaac. I think he has a favorite and his favorite is James-Paul. Isaac is always commenting on JP's "genius" and his "talent" but frankly, I don't see it. Is THIS genius?

On the other hand, James-Paul is adorable and most if not all of the designers have mentioned him as a true friend.

Finally, I really like Anna, and I think she would be a great "Winner" for the show. She is talented, lovely, likable and articulate, but I'm just going to say it...

Her winning dress reminds me of something from Leanne Marshall. I can't be the only one to I?

So what did you think about the episode? Please post your thoughts in the comments.