Friday, July 17, 2009

Reactions to The Fashion Show Finale Part 1

theminx: Well, the finale was both shocking and expected. Expected, because I had already seen the collections a few weeks ago at the finale taping (including decoys Merlin and Johnny). Really, there's nothing like seeing a fashion show live and in the flesh - photos don't reflect how fabrics moved and shimmered on the runway. And shocking because...there was an elimination. And it was Reco. From the first episode, I was pretty certain we'd see Reco go all the way to the finish, and I was sad to see him stop just short of that point.

For the first time, I thought the judges gave some really useful constructive criticism - mostly because the criticism part of the show was a bit longer than in prior episodes. I didn't like that they made Anna cry, but they were right that her collection wasn't coherent. Still, it was beautiful.

Laura K: Going in to the show I would say that I expected Anna's collection to be my favorite. Her designs have been consistently excellent all season. Also, interesting is my daughter's comment, "I love all of her stuff." "Really?" "Yes, all of the stuff that she WEARS."

I also expected Reco to create exuberant and dramatic pieces and James-Paul to create incomprehensible pieces that Isaac would describe as "genius."

The designer who surprised me was Daniella. Sitting at the actual show I was unable to grasp the details of her garments, but watching at home last night in front of my high-definition television screen - I'll say that I was very impressed. Her collection is my personal favorite.

Thank you for voting in our "Who will be eliminated this week?" poll. You predicted that James-Paul would be out, with Reco coming in second. Hardly anyone believed that Daniella or Anna would be eliminated.

If you want to see the fashions again, here are the links to still photos.

See James-Paul's finale collection here.

See Daniella's finale collection here.

See Reco's finale collection here.

See Anna's finale collection here.

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