Friday, July 24, 2009

Reactions to The Fashion Show Reunion/Finale Part 2

Anna Wins!

What did you all think of this hybrid reunion/finale show?

theminx: I felt the reunion part of the show was dull. No need to give us a rehash of the top designers' looks. Yawn. Where were the outtakes? The funny stuff? The stuff that shows us that these designers actually had some personality? Oh, that's right - The Fashion Show is about fashion, not entertainment. My bad.

I am happy that Anna won - she was my favorite. Although I could appreciate what James-Paul was trying to express, I wasn't sure how to wear many of his pieces. I know Daniella's collection was the judges' favorite (winning her a check for $10K) but I wasn't feeling it. The bad 80s styling turned me off, as did those creepy peach shoulder pads. Like someone ripped the shoulders off a mannequin and hot-glued them to a top.

Anyway, I hate to admit it, but I'm glad the show is over. I hope, if it comes back for another season, that we see some major changes.

Now tell us what you thought....