Tuesday, September 15, 2009

She by Sheree at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Blogging Bravo Field Reporter Trish O'Shea graciously covered the She by Sheree Fashion Show in New York on Sunday Sept 13th. Thanks Trish!

A few weeks back I was checking the NY Fashion Week schedule and noticed on the list "She by Sheree." At Fashion Week??? Well me being the quintessential "Real Housewives" fan I IMMEDIATELY signed up for the job!

It was a good thing that I checked that schedule again the morning of the show because if I hadn't, I would have missed the whole thing! The venue AND time had changed! Sigh...

I headed over to the city from New Jersey and got on-street parking very close to the venue (score!) I wasn't sure exactly which entrance was the right one but then I noticed some very fashionable people standing outside so I figured I was in the right place - and I was! A line began to form (although no one actually TOLD us to line up!) About 45 minutes later, they starting letting people in and away we went - upstairs to the "Red Bull Space" on Thompson and Watts!

The event wasn't a "runway," it was more of what fashion shows are becoming - drinks, snacks and clothes! Three looks came out at first on a stage, but the girls were quickly directed to stand on platforms in the room so that more looks could come out on a stage. Fabulous folks noshed on fruit, bagels, pastries and drinks as they checked out Sheree's designs.

It was hard to tell exactly how many looks we saw since it took a while for the models to rotate but the clothes for the most part were beautifully designed. I do agree with some of the others reviews I've read of the show - the styling was what REALLY pushed the collection over the edge. It had sort of a "bling" factor featuring necklaces that in most cases were worked INTO the clothes, rather than just accessorize. I LOVED the white pants, paired with the silver top that had the "bling" worked into the back - unexpected!

We were told about half-way through that Sheree would be appearing for photographs and then would be available to answer questions. She took the stage and posed for photos flanked by her models. Sheree was wearing a black dress with a low back and it looked great on her, but no one was clear on whether or not the look was part of the collection.

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