Monday, September 14, 2009

Tonight, on Bravo!

First up at 7/6c, the cast of Family Guy will be featured on tonight's new episode of Inside the Actors Studio! James Lipton sits down with the FG cast to discuss the never-before-known scoop behind the creation of the hit show. And hilarity truly ensues when James requests to speak to each of the characters individually! What will happen when they are unleashed to chat with Lipton?!

And later at 10/9c on a new episode of The Rachel Zoe Project, Taylor's separation from the rest of "Team Zoe" grows even deeper when she decides not to attend a party that Rachel is helping to host. Meanwhile, Rachel and Brad grow even closer when he helps Rachel to style her friend and client, a model named Natalia.And when a bunch of bad press starts getting published in the tabloids about Rachel's weight, her team goes on the defensive to cool the rumors. Will she be able to attend the party she's hosting without having tongues wag about her thin frame?

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