Monday, September 21, 2009

Tonight on Bravo!

Hollywood's comedic darling, Amy Poehler, sits down with James Lipton tomorrow on BRAVO's Inside the Actor's Studio and the result is pure comic gold! At 7/6c, Amy brings out her best "Christopher Walken" and "Paula Abdul" impersonations, recounts her days on SNL and talks about her new role as actor (and producer) of Parks and Recreation – it is surely an interview you will not want to miss :)

And later on a new Rachel Zoe Project, Rachel takes on a new role – actor – when she agrees to play a part in an animated film, but when she must test out her improv chops and "pretend" she is talking to the cartoon characters, it proves to be trickier than anticipated! Meanwhile Taylor is at her wits-end with her role on "Team Zoe", but when she finally musters the courage to talk to Rachel about it, she finds Rachel keeled over and in need of a doctor. Will Rachel be OK? And will Taylor leave "Team Zoe"?

Check out another Rachel Zoe preview here.