Monday, May 25, 2009

Andrew Christian in Houston

Houston-based field reporter and Bravo fan, John C, sends us this report from Houston. Thank you John.

Hey Blogging Bravo,

I had the good fortune to meet Andrew Christian in Houston this weekend! Andrew hosted a meet-and-greet at a local menswear store, and produced a fashion show at a club later that night.

Andrew actually seemed a little...reserved...compared to other reality show personalities I've encountered. He very graciously signed paraphernalia, and we chatted for a bit about "The Fashion Show". I inquired as to whether the winning designer had any input into the final design sold on, and whether they received any financial rewards from the sales. Surprisingly, no on both accounts.

We of course discussed the drama that erupted during this week's judging concerning Daniella and the "stolen" concepts! Andrew obviously stands behind his design, and naturally felt some vindication with Norma Kamali's quick dismissal of Daniella's remarks. He suspects some producer meddling as a catalyst to the drama, and reflected on how much "real" remains in "reality TV."

The underwear show later that night was quite impressive, but I'm withholding pictures in keeping with Blogging Bravo's family-oriented sensibilities =). Good luck to Andrew throughout the rest of the competition!

John C