Thursday, May 07, 2009

TFS Bios - Reco

Reco's creative outlook on fashion goes hand-in-hand with his larger-than-life personality. Originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee, one wonders how this country boy developed such a creative outlook on fashion. Reco is proud of his modest beginnings. He realized his interest in fashion at a young age, while watching a Valentino fashion show on Oprah. Reco obtained his B.S from Tennessee State University and has a strong background in architecture and performing arts. He describes his style as ultra glamorous and oozing with high voltage sex appeal. Reco has moved up in the industry from designing costumes for campus queens to dressing celebrities, and is now approaching his tenth year in the fashion industry as a freelance designer. Reco currently owns the studio 423 Clothing Boutique of Chattanooga and is the Creative Director of his own line, “The House of Chapple,” which he describes as a lifestyle line focusing on everything from luxurious gowns to sexy swimsuits and most he is delving into fragrances, jewelry, and even books aimed at helping young entrepenuers. When it comes to fashion tips, Reco declares, "Do it!" And then, pause of reflection, states "…but don’t overdo it."