Thursday, May 07, 2009

TFS Bios - Andrew

Andrew has already conquered the world of designer underwear. He started his own brand, "Andrew Christian" in 1997 and his urban inspired collections are sold in upscale stores throughout the country, including Kitson, Patricia Fields and Fred Segal. A self-described perfectionist and "gaylebrity," Andrew has been known to throw an entire rack of samples across the room if it's not up to his standard. "Don't be caught off guard by my cute smile, I'm a bitch." While his underwear line has garnered worldwide attention and he's known as the "Panty-Christ," Andrew's goal is to take on the world of women's fashion. He says his inspiration comes from everyday life and modern art. He loves creating designs that flatter the female body and make women feel good about themselves. He has a tireless work ethic and hopes to one day have a retrospective of his works at the MET.