Thursday, April 01, 2010

Reactions to Shear Genius 3 Episode 9

Last night, on Shear Genius, the four remaining stywis were given a tough customer for the Short Cut Challenge - Camila Alves. They each had 45 minutes to style her rat's nest hair into something appropriate for an event. Camila was quite the backseat driver during the process, and even after each style was done she had harsh criticism for it. She thought Brig's updo wasn't age appropriate. "I'm a mom," says Camila. Yeah, but you're 28. Hardly a severe old fossil.

In the end - of course, could it be any other way? - Matthew was given the win.

On to the Elimination Challenge: with a win in the Short Cut, Matthew gets the advantage of choosing his models first. Yes, I said, "models." The challenge involved styling 2 models and themselves for a mini-portfolio of signature looks. In 2.5 hours. All four of the stylists had struggled with the 45 minute time limit for Camila's hair, and all they had to do was style it (even though she did need some serious root touch-up) so two-and-one-half hours doesn't seem like enough time to color, cut, and style two and maybe three people.  But what's a competition show without scenes of people panicking about not finishing in time?

Brig, bless her heart, goes right for the crazy by winding multicolored extensions around her model's heads. Janine goes for an afro and a short-on-one-side-long-on-the-other 'do with purple tips. Matthew takes one of his models who already has perfect blonde hair and makes it super-blonde and curls it out to.......there. His other model has heavy bangs which make her look sleepy. Finally Yawn does a really nice job of adding extensions to a woman with very thin hair but his second look is somewhat mundane.

Although incredulous at first, the judges all came around to Brig's way of thinking. Even guest judge Oribe (whose mere presence made the stylists pee their pants in awe) thought she really showed who Brig was as a stylist. It was down to her and Matthew and just when you start thinking that Matthew is going to get the win...Brig does!

That leaves Janine and Yawn as the bottom two, and the result is pretty obvious - time for Yawn to pack his scissors and go. Even if he had done a fabulous job on both styles, we all knew that Janine was not going to be eliminated, right?

So what did you think about this episode? Please let us know in the comments.