Friday, April 02, 2010

Shear Genius 2 on Shear Genius 3 - Charlie Price

Final Four

Hey freaks! Sorry I was away for a week, I was doing a Shear Genius All – Stars event at America’s Beauty Show in Chicago. It was a mini runway show during The Stylist’s Choice Awards with Nicole and myself from season 2 and Daisy and Ben from season 1! Here is my belated report on the goings on of season 3. My prediction for the final three came true –Matthew, Janine and Brig. It was really the only combo that has any cool dynamic. I knew they would get rid of Jon –he grew on me for sure but just wasn’t quite scandalous enough for the big finale.

The Judges:
Camila – Wow! She was even boring in her “getting to know you” chats with the stylists while they did her hair. I did like her updo in the elimination challenge. She certainly does have a head of hair to contend with too bad that’s all that is formidable about her. Her sweet nature and lovely personality just don’t “cut it”.

Jonathan-He acted so stupid when he was flabbergasted by Brig’s wacky updos. Hasn’t he ever picked up a fashion or hair magazine? He makes me nuts. I would love to judge his work.

Kim Vo – Everyone’s favorite tranny was mellow this week, maybe his meds were finally working. He also didn’t give us the scary snake tongue, which was a relief.

Oribe-The Cuban hair god did a good job, he looks good and I liked his comments. What was up with his voice though? Maybe he was out partying with Kim Vo all night before filming.

The Final Three

Janine: She is the most well rounded in a technical sense. I think her only problem is that she is focused so much on street fashion that her work isn’t as tasteful as it could be, she should either be more well rounded or more rock n roll. I think it will come down to Janine and Brig in the final two simply because of the feud between the two glorious gals.

Matthew: He has the best taste and does gorgeous high fashion styling. He does himself a disservice when he gives himself names like “The Natural” however. He should emphasize his prowess on photo shoots and agility with long sexy hair not give himself silly vague titles that don’t speak to his considerable talents. He has the best shot of acing the final fashion show challenge due to his years backstage at NY fashion week. This is precisely why he may not tho. They do love their little twists at Bravo.

Brig: She is the fun wild card. She brings life to the show and brands herself perfectly. Honey- she aint for everyone but who is? I think It remains a toss up between Janine and Brig for the big check! I hope they yell, scream and cry and claw each other’s eyes out in the final moments.

I am dying to find out who gets to wear the crown but I also don’t want it to end. I will even miss Kim Vo but then again I can just look toward Beverly Hills and see Kim Vos lips on the horizon and I will know that my trashy reality roots are always showing. Ms Vo and I will never truly part. OK bitches I must go think up some more ridiculous hair puns for my final blog! Toodles! XOXO

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