Thursday, April 15, 2010

Real Housewives of New York Tonight!

We're gearing up for one heck of a prize next week. But in the meantime, we're giving away another $250 Amex gift card for Thursday's episode! Follow @BravoTV and Tweet using #RealHousewives starting at 10/9c to be automatically entered to win. And as always, make sure to participate in the live-chat event at!

Meet divorcee Sonja Morgan: a fan of shopping, sex, & plastic surgery. Sonja doesn’t apologize for living life on her terms – will she fit in with the rest of the ladies, or will she clash with some of the stronger personalities? Meanwhile, Ramona has a surprise for Mario where she prepares a romantic setting at home to propose that they renew their wedding vows. And, LuAnn meets up with Jill to divulge about a potential new suitor in her life. Will Jill give her seal of approval?