Thursday, April 08, 2010

Shear Genius 2 on Shear Genius 3 - Charlie Price

Shear Genius 3 Blog- FINALE!


While I am wrecked that it is over I thought the finale was fantastic! My prediction came true (yet again) and it came down to Brig and Janine – I love when an epic rivalry comes to a crescendo! Kinda like a porn movie but infinitely more satisfying, no? So lets dispense with fineries and start talking shit shall we?

THE CHALLENGE- I was thrilled as a SG fan and jealous as a former contestant. Creating hair for a famous fashion designer and sending it down a runway is the ultimate final challenge. Henry Duarte is no John Galliano-LOL- but he does epitomize high end Sunset Strip style glamour. His boutique is very cool, Rocker style at its best!

Camila nailed it on the head with her observations, which made me wonder why she waited until the end of the series to speak up. Janine rehashed one of the tried and true signature pin sets of Trevor Sorbie without even the slightest tweak. Camila was right to call her on it.

Jonathon – While I appreciated him replacing his usual date-raper look with a dapper white tux jacket his judging was at its nadir. He has no taste, no industry credibility, and wouldn’t understand nuance if it was dancing naked like a lap dancer in front of his dumb ass.

Kim Vo –WOW! Miss Vo finally snapped to his senses and complimented a contestant. Brig no less! Honey, stop the presses! I agree with my favorite tranny for once. What a pleasant surprise. I hope it wasn’t a one-time only idiot savant moment.

Linda Wells-She was right on the money! She gave authoritative and articulate critiques and put Jonathon squarely in his place. If there was anyone on that show who could it was she! Go lady! LW puts the head in head bitch!

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