Thursday, April 08, 2010

Reactions to the Shear Genius Season 3 Finale

Well another season of Shear Genius has come and gone, and as usual, not without a bit of drama. And we like drama, don't we? ::::heads nodding::::

For the final challenge, Brig and the Wonder Twins were asked to style the hair of six models for a runway show for fashion designer Henry Duarte (who looked like what Lou Costello might have looked like had he been cast on the Addams Family). During their consultations with Duarte, somehow all three came up with the term "futuristic" to describe their concepts.

Back at the salon, Camila brings out six former contestants and allows Brig first choice of her assistants for the challenge (because she won last week's Elimination). She goes for Faatemah and April. Janine ends up with Yawn and Arzo, and Matthew gets Brian and Amy. They have three hours to do preliminary styling, including color, and three and one half more hours the next day before the show to finish their styles.

Brig decides to "laminate" her models' hair with tape, adding bits of multi-colored extensions. Janine goes for the frizzy look, and Matthew is all over the place with pretty much a different look for each of his models.

When all of the models finally come down the runway, I think all of the stylists have been smoking crack. And then when the judges make their proclamations, I think they're the crack suppliers. All but Jonathan raved about Brig's work, which was indeed new and exciting and innovative. The judges were divided over Matthew's and Janine's looks and it was pretty obvious who was going to get the win.

Gotta admit I was thrilled - thrilled - when Matthew was eliminated first. Ha! And then after a long commercial break, Camila announced that Brig, crazy Brig of the Yellow Hair was the WINNER. YESSSS! Gotta love an underdog.

So what did you think about the finale? Did you think Brig deserved the win? Or did one of the Wonder Twins? Please leave a comment!