Saturday, June 20, 2009

Andy Cohen Profile in the Los Angeles Times

Photo: Jennifer s. Altman/LATimes

I must admit some personal prejudice here because I am a big fan of Andy Cohen. The Los Angeles Times has written an excellent and compelling profile of the always-entertaining Andy.

Here are some highlights: Cohen's once-a-week live show, "Watch What Happens," will begin airing July 16. He has given himself the midnight slot. "It'll be me and a couple Bravo-lebrities and maybe a real 'lebrity taking phone calls and e-mails and tweets from Bravo fanatics live at midnight. And we're going to be sipping cocktails," he said.

My favorite though is a quote from Lauren Zalaznick: She contrasted Cohen with all those nasty bloggers on the Internet. "He's a knowing enthusiast, and it's not that he won't give you an opinion on taste or propriety or 'I like' or 'I don't like' -- it's just that he doesn't seem to need to put that opinion out in the world for any betterment of himself," she said.

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