Friday, June 19, 2009

Reactions to The Fashion Show Episode Seven

Another Friday has rolled around (yay!) and that means it's time to talk about last night's episode of The Fashion Show!

theminx: I liked this episode a lot. I found the Harper's Bazaar Mini Challenge to be quite amusing. The designers were all quite clever in the way they used scarves and "lost" clothing to transform their models from drunken party girl to office-ready. (No tips were offered on fixing slutty makeup or removing vomit smells from hair, however.) I really liked Johnny and Merlin's look, and was glad to see Johnny do something that really stood out.

I knew, from the preview, that the designer they would be "working for" in the Elimination Challenge would be Isaac.(The previews showed a blurred image of someone clearly male, wearing black, with short, dark, yet tall, hair. Duh.) Anna's coat was fantastic (she clearly has a knack with outerwear), and I loved Johnny and Merlin's felt jacket as well. I had to laugh at Reco and Daniella's petty unwillingness to compromise. They are both good designers, with wins under their belts, and as a team they should have been unstoppable. But childishness put them in the bottom two. Luckily for them, Lidia's dress was a real nightmare.

Laura K: I felt like the mini-challenge was unfair because success was largely determined by which items the designers grabbed from the "lost and found." In order to provide a level playing field they could have had four "lost and found" boxes with the same or similar items inside. Becki Newton is adorable and I liked her zipper-trimmed dress.

It certainly was no surprised that Isaac was the designer that the contestants would be working for. I don't know why his image was blurred in the commercials and then so obviously presented in the preview videos. Was it supposed to be a surprise to the audience or not? Anyway, it wasn't.

My favorite part of the episode was the Mood Board and I am not kidding. During the episode I turned to my daughter and said, "I need a big new bulletin board." I also felt like Merlin and Johnny had a huge advantage when they got the consultation with Isaac. They got to see the actual collection - the colors, shapes, fabrics and details - while the other designers didn't.

In the fabric store when I saw Haven and Anna's fabric choices, I said, "Oh they're going to win." That was a very inventive mix.

During the walk-through, Isaac and Kelly had absolutely no objection to Daniella's pants. I watched the show again this morning just to be sure I didn't miss something. They also expressed no concern over Lidia's design.

Isaac seems to think that James-Paul is some kind of a "genius," but I don't get it. He doesn't make any sense to me!

Of course they did express concern over the felt jacket, which in the end was nothing to be worried about and actually very effective.

I loved the orange jacket and purple blouse that Reco and Daniella created. Seriously. As much as they don't seem to get along, they did some great work.

In the end the runway show was wonderful. I would have put three designs in the top group and only one in the bottom.

Also, all of the models are lovely and I'd like to get to know them better.

What do you think? Please tell us in the comments.