Thursday, June 18, 2009

Real News

There's plenty of Real Housewives news this week! recaps the RHNJ finale in it's "Parenting" section. Don't miss the comments - someone "who knows" claims that Dina and her husband are separated and he is living in an apartment with his girlfriend.

Here's something brand new.

Popeater has posted an interview with Caroline Manzo. She asserts that she and Danielle will "never be friends." There's a shocker.

recaps the finale.

Ugh. Remember Danielle's boytoy, Steve? The "27-year-old?" He is anxious to cash in on a sex tape. Naturally there would be a sex tape. Sigh....

On a lighter note, click here to enjoy Danielle's advice for enjoying a night on the town.

For the record, I kind of love ALL of the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

They provided us with a far-too-short season of great entertainment!

Tuesday night's finale episode received fabulous ratings for Bravo - yay - and we aren't finished yet.

Tonight at 9:00 enjoy a bonus episode of RHNJ and next week is the REUNION!!!!