Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Fashion Show - Episode 7 Previews

Tonight's episode is called "On The Job."

Actress and fashionista, Becki Newton (Ugly Betty) stops by and presents this week’s Harper’s Bazaar mini challenge - create a solution for the age-old dilemma – the “walk of shame.”

Challenged to turn last night’s party outfit into work appropriate attire, the contestants get crafty with anything and everything one would normally find in an office.

For the elimination challenge, the designers are taken to a surprise location and find themselves working for a major force in the fashion industry. The winning design will be available for purchase on Harper’s Bazaar Mini-Challenge Guest Judge: Becki Newton Elimination Challenge Guest Judge: Veronica Webb

The designers are paired up. Looks like Lidia and James-Paul, Reco and Daniella, Anna and Haven, and Merlin and Johnny. Team challenges are always good for drama!

Anyone else think that Anna is due for a win?

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