Friday, June 12, 2009

Reactions to The Fashion Show Episode Six

So, what did everyone think about episode 6 of The Fashion Show?

Theminx: Both the Quickfire Harpers Bazaar Mini Challenge and the Elimination Challenge shared a theme this week. The former seemed more of a graphic design challenge, and it showed that Daniella has skills in that department too. A little expected, perhaps, but well-excuted.

I liked the Elimination Challenge and thought most designers did a pretty good job this week. I didn't notice any loose hems or random safety pins. I agreed with Haven and Merlin being in the top two - loved Merlin's color scheme and the sweater fabric. And Haven herself was adorable in that 80s-throwback Krystle Carrington look she wore for the Elimination! (Sigh, I miss the 80s.)

Poor Angel, excoriated for not being familiar with b girl fashion. Personally, I wouldn't know it if it bit me on the...well, you know. It could have been worse, you know - she could have known the original definition of the term, "b girl."

Laura K: It seemed to me that Angel was eliminated because she didn't know what a B-girl was. Kelly seemed to be personally insulted by this rather than an "impartial" judge.

At the end of the episode when Johnny and Angel were standing with their models, my son came into the room. "Who do you think should be off?" he asked.

"Okay, look at the designers. Look at what Johnny is wearing. Now look at Angel. Who do you think is the best designer? Who do you think that I would prefer?"

"Oh. The girl," he replied. (He is only twelve.)

Also, I think that by including those tacky accessories in the "inspiration" backpacks, the designers were led down a specific path. Angel designed an outfit for the kind of person who would wear those glasses. And really, anyone wearing those glasses would not be considered stylish at all. It would be as a joke, a costume, or she would be an eight-year-old, not a twenty-something.

Now it's your turn. Please leave a comment with your thoughts.