Friday, June 26, 2009

Reactions to The Fashion Show Episode Eight

So what did everyone think of last night's episode?

theminx: I was a bit surprised that the designers did so poorly on the history quiz portion of the show (the Harpers Bazaar Mini Challenge). And of course that carried on through to the elimination challenge. Reco doesn't know Halston? Haven knows YSL but can't execute it? And wow - Johnny gets the win! Can't say I expected that, but congrats to him!

Reco was in the bottom two, but actually his dress was nice, in a Renaissance Faire kinda way (didn't I say that as soon as we saw it, Laura K?). Well-executed, but not Halston in any way shape or form.

I think if Anna had made a more Chanel-esque jacket - something more traditional in a beige boucle with bracelet-length or longer sleeves - she would have nabbed the win. Alas, she was beat out by Johnny's interpretation of Versace. An impressive one at that!

Laura K: I liked the quick-sew challenge. While I appreciate the raw talent of the young, spontaneous, visionary designers, I believe that in order to be taken seriously and to be a true success, it is probably necessary to have knowledge of fashion history.

Of course, I also believe that designers should be able to sew...

In many of these episodes, the "advantage" to the winner of the quick-sew doesn't end up being an advantage at all. The "advantage" becomes more of a deliberate contrivance to manufacture more personal drama and stress.

Fortunately, most of the designers (and certainly the audience) can see beyond this.

Okay, every single episode there is an unidentified bald guy telling the designers to hurry hurry hurry before the runway show. Who is this? He is kind of cute.

Congratulations to Johnny and farewell to the lovely Haven.