Thursday, March 18, 2010

Reactions to Shear Genius 3 Episode 7

Last night, our 5 remaining stylists were expected to create fancy 'dos for young African American girls who were attending their formals. So what's up with Camila - was she supposed to be channeling an African American with her wild hair? And what about that crazy-ugly shiny skirt and bib necklace combo?  Was that her version of a prom outfit? Somebody fire her stylist!

Back to the chawlnj: Janine was experienced with this particular type of hair, so she excelled at the challenge, the rest of the gang, not so much, particularly Brig, who was called out as being too "high fashion" by guest judge Kimberly Kimble.

For the Elimination, Janine was able to pick her model and then select models for the rest of the gang. She gave her "gusband" Matthew the blonde with the most manageable locks, and gave the gal with the big frizzy head of hair to Brig. It's like watching bullies on the playground sometimes, with the Wonder Twins and their attitude towards the other stylists. It's pretty clear that either Janine or Matthew are going to win this thing, but they seem scared - otherwise, why so much sabotage and trash talk? Anywho...

The stylists were expected to create "red carpet" looks for "VIP" guests to an Estelle album listening party. Estelle wanted looks that recalled the 60s and 70s and cited Diana Ross a la Mahogany. Janine had taken the sole African American model for herself so she jumped on the idea of Miss Ross, while Brian took it upon himself to attempt Edie Sedgwick. Brig went for Diana Ross too, because of the texture of her model's hair, but then of course Janine had to call that "copying." At this point, Brig says her sole purpose is to rain on the Wonder Twins' parade.

In the end, Jonathan Antin jumped on pretty much everyone - he's really been taking mega doses of his bitch pills, hasn't he? - and especially Brian for his root-a-licious version of the tragic Ms Sedgwick.  Janine of course gets the win over Yawn, and Brian gets booted over Brig.

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