Friday, March 05, 2010

Shear Genius 2 on Shear Genius 3 - Glenn Mitchell

Good thing I have DVR and record everything cause I think I fell asleep half way through this episode. I need to splash some water on my face before I can continue.........okay I'm back!

I think this short cut challenge was definitely a challenge. Cut curly hair into a graduated bob dry and then shampoo and style into a smooth, sleek style. can't go back and "fix" the cut after you style it.

I don't want to toot my own horn. *wink wink*, but my salon is pretty well known for doing an awesome graduated bob. I perfected it years ago and taught my stylist my tricks, so I can spot a bad bob a mile away. I personally thought that this challenge could go from bad to disaster in about 3.2 seconds, but for the most part everyone did an okay job. Wait..wait...I said for the most part, and I said okay! No one really blew me away by any means, but they did have the added challenge of not being able to clean up their haircuts so I'm cutting a little slack.

Brig - "A bob can look a little maternity if it's done wrong." WHAT???? Does that mean pregnant women or moms only have bad bobs? Cause I think I see one on you Brig! She's talking about how boring graduated bobs are and how you drive on to the used car lot, buy a minivan and go to a PTA meeting and she HAS a graduated bob! OMG I'm so over this girl! And excuse me, WTF was she doing with those clippers? Looks to me like instead of taking her time and make a clean hairline she just cut it off! Her client looked none too pleased either. She was probably thinking...."the back of my head feels like my boyfriends." That is the kind of haircut you cry yourself to sleep over. Moving on.....

Brian - I think everyone would agree with me and join in saying, "SHUT THE HELL UP!" No one needs your first semester beauty school lesson on 90 and 45 degree angles. It was a bad, heavy, and overall shitty bob. You're not going to throw anyone off that fact with all your graduated bob geometry knowledge.

April - Guest Judge Moulay Yacoubi tore her a new one. You could teell she didn't enjoy the challenge and was over it. He told her she didn't do what she was asked to do and she didn't care. It wasn't a good cut and it was a worse style. The one good thing is we finally saw some personality out of April. I almost can't remember her as soon as the show is over. April who???

Janine ended up winning the challenge. She did a good bob and her client looked great. She and Matthew were at the top. Big surprise there! But back at the house I think everyone is plotting their deaths. Jealousy is an evil green eyed monster. But what goes up must eventually come down and I speak from experience.

The elimination challenge this week is very sweet! Give military wives a sexy 40's era pinup look. They will be recording a video message to send to their husbands overseas. The show could have done A LOT more to pump up the heart string factor with this challenge. I'm sure the atmosphere in the salon and on set was very emotional, but we at home didn't get to see that. I'm very disappointed! One more reason this season is just bland. Bland stylist, bland judges, bland editing!

Brig's style won the challenge and all the judges but guest judge Robert Vetica loved it. I personally agreed with him when he said it was too much going on. Heavy fringe, barrel roll on the side and down and swept back on the other. Her color did turn out beautiful, and the style wasn't bad. She did look like a pin up girl, but I think Matthew should have won. His was perfect and I loved the hairnet. I know he did it because the curls weren't lying the way he wanted and he was running out of time but I believe it worked. I think the judges just didn't want to give him another win.

Janine was bragging about this kind of styling being one of her strong suits and when she said that I knew she would not do well. The biggest challenge with this show is time. If you don't manage it well you end up trying to pull a miracle out of your ass in 3 minutes. Which feels like a lifetime when you are waiting for the stick to turn blue, but seconds when you are under the gun. Her style was just a messy up-do with a flower on the side. She, Amy, and April ended up in the bottom. April's style just didn't flow. Her finger wave was not holding together and they flowed into a curl pattern that didn't match. Amy's model looked great, but it was not 40's pin up and she didn't touch up her color. Miss Vo was ALLLLLL over that. I think April's little outburst earlier saved her cause young Amy went home. I think Amy has just been skating by anyway. She was never the worse, but never the best either. No way was she going to pull a Nicole and end up in the top 3. She has the talent to be a great stylist, but not the knowledge yet on how to execute. Time to let my Shear Genius tranquilizer take over, so until next week!

You can find Glenn at shine(salon) in Decatur, AL, and on her Web site.