Monday, March 22, 2010

Shear Genius 2 on Shear Genius 3 - Charlie Price


It’s that time again freaks. Trash-talking time, that is. Things are winding down in the Nexxus salon and people are getting on each other’s nerves. Brig hates Matthew and Janine but copies them at the same time. Janine and Matthew constantly attack Brig like mean fourth grade girls. Jon never gets any attention but doesn’t seem to care, which means we all know where that will leave him when the judges name the final three next week- yes indeedy- on a plane back home to Nashville. Finally this shit gets nasty. I love it.


CAMILA- I’m so tired of rooting for her in the hopes that she will get better at hosting – I just have no strength left for it.

JONATHAN-What the hell was his trip about calling Matthew’s sixties pony tail a Ziggy Stardust look-HUH? I Dream of Jeannie or Valley of the Dolls for sure, even Hedwig maybe –but it had not one fricking thing to do with David Bowie. He is such a dip shit.

KIM VO- He did that creepy snake tongue mixed with a smile again when Camila introduced him during the elimination judging. GROSS. I had to take a shower it made me feel so creeped out.


JON – I loved how he stood up for Brig and her antics. He has healthy a perspective on how personality dynamics work in a competition. Too bad he lacks the killer instinct to win.

MATTHEW SANS HUMILITY- He certainly thought he had it in the bag with that ponytail. OOPS! He should have listened to Orlando. It was a fabulous style if he would just color these chicks hair before he does his updos he would blow everybody out of the water.

JANINES GRIMACES-I love how her face wrinkles and writhes as if she were about to wretch every time Brig is around! HEAVEN!

BRIG –It is sooo fun to watch her passionate hate of the Wonder Twins fester. The fact that this negativity keeps her going is sublime. GORGEOUS!

BRIAN AND EDIE- that was ridiculous! His concept was perfect but that execution was stooopid. He told US to look up Edie Sedgwick… Clearly he needs to look it up himself. AAAWW poor dumb hot Brian, he should just do porn or something- I don’t think hairdressing is his forte. LOL!

So I’m thinking that it is gonna be a two- part finale since Jon will obviously get kicked off on episode eight. Wouldn’t it be cool if the final three had to do hair for a runway show? I dreamed that that would be my SG final challenge –no such luck… If it ends up that way I might get so excited that I could start cutting myself again! See yall here same time same tacky commentary! -XOXO    

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