Thursday, March 25, 2010

Reactions to Shear Genius 3 Episode 8

In this week's episode we're left with four stywis: Brig, Yawn, and the Wonder Twins. Camila of the Tacky Jewelry comes out with special guest stywis Mark Townsend and presents the stywis with various stywing implements, techniques, and inspirations. The stywis get to select one of each for the competitor to their left, and Brig is delighted to "look down and see Janine."

Camila ups the ante by bringing out Allure Editor-in-Chief Linda Wells. An aside: I've been reading Allure since day one - I love that it has an emphasis on beauty rather than fashion. But what I'd like to know is how Ms Wells, after so many years around make-up artists and hair stylists, always wears the same over-blonde, lank, bob that shows too much forehead? Her bob did look slightly different than usual, a little choppy, but that just made it look like she cut it herself. She seems nice, and I can't imagine that everyone is so afraid of her that someone doesn't take pity on her and says, "girl, you need help."

Anyhoo... Since when is a mullet a technique? To me, it's a style, and a bad one. Janine was supposed to integrate a mullet, a crimping iron, and the rainbow into her 'do, and ended up making her model look like Pete Burns' sister (
Dead or Alive). Matthew does mermaid hair with bizarrely braided bangs. Uh-uh. Yawn, with a disco ball inspiration, no less, does a fabulous job with a white girl afro with bangs. Brig as usual wastes too much time on unessential parts of the style and Ms Wells calls her out on the hot coloring at her model's roots. She doesn't see it. And Janine takes this opportunity to get on her high horse (with a step ladder) and rant about how disrespectful Brig is and the whole thing is embarrassing and childish. In the end, Yawn wins. Go Yawn!

For the Elimnashun Chawlng, the stywis have to do hair for an editorial photo shoot. (Their "firs" as Camila says. Does this mean they get a second?) They must create modernized versions of hairstyles from classic American movies. Janine gets Gwyneth Paltrow in
Shakespeare in Love, Brig gets Bo Derek in 10, Yawn gets Audrey Hepburn in Charade, and Matthew gets Dolly Parton in Best Little Whorehouse.

After two hours of work, the photographer ends up calling the shots and mussing up hair and the stylists have to deal with it gracefully, which is also part of the challenge. All four looks come out great, even if Brig had to save hers by pouring bottles of water on her model's head. A drowned rat with braids is sexxxay!

During judging, Jonathan Antin is more subdued than usual, which is a disappointment. Matthew is named the winner for his Dolly Parton-as-Kylie Minogue look. Then with 8 minutes to go in the program, Brig and Yawn are called to stand on the podium to hear the elimination verdict. At that point, I knew there would be no elimination...and after a long commercial break, the world discovers that...I was right! After all, the show is on for two more weeks.

So that's this week. Did you think someone should have been kicked off? Did you think Matthew deserved to win? Are the Wonder Twins annoying you, too? Please leave a comment!