Saturday, February 20, 2010

Shear Genius 2 on Shear Genius 3 - Parker Plotkin

Well…finally an episode where someone else is dry heaving about the challenges other than me…

Don’t you find it odd that in the last episode, the elimination challenge surrounded food from The Dakota restaurant at The Roosevelt Hotel, and this week Adee had food poisoning.
Hmmm… I hope everyone is washing their hands after their restroom breaks.

On a side note…

It was nice to see Joel Warren as a guest Judge last week; both Warren-Tricomi and thedavidKspace (where I serve as salon director) are 2 of 5 L’Oreal national academies in the country. I give him a lot of credit and props for his styling and color prowess.

Either way, Adee was brilliantly exempted from the horrifying challenge of turning (mostly middle aged guys) into Fabio-esque middle-aged guys, with mullets.

Speaking of mullets, both Faatemah, and Amy (who I do really like btw) really made a clear case for why men going through a mid life crisis should always choose a high performance car over a bad rug.

Ken Paves was the judge on this particular challenge. I was really a little surprised to not hear J. Simpsons name tossed around on his client list.

Matthew was the judge’s favorite on this challenge, and while technically his models extentions were fairly seamless, I’m not sure that increasing the diameter of his already wooly Afro was all that flattering.

My picks for this challenge was Janine and Brian.

By the way I do LOVE BRIG… I’m not sure if she is the most talented. Who knows who is.
It is after all reality television.

Next we have the elimination challenge…

The Romance Novel Cover Shoot

Truly Adee should have saved a few nuggets of nausea for this one.

Matthew got first pick, and paired everyone up, and poor Brig was on her own (how fortunate for her). But in true Brig style she skated through successfully.

Brian and Amy had "Red feather reservations" but with no red feather. His men’s style looked like post homeless sex hair… not sexy at all.

Adee’s Daniel Day- Lewis was really great in terms of both style and cut. Highly overrated beauty school stylist/judge Jonathan Antin pointed out heatedly, that the cut Adee had done was irrelevant to an on set photo shoot. I agree with this to an extent (even though it came out of Jonathan’s mouth. I know, hard to believe). However, the show is called “Shear Genius,” and if cutting is totally irrelevant, than what is the world coming to.

I think Faatemah could have gone farther, but last night just wasn’t her night.

You can find Parker at the David K Space in Florida and on his Web site.