Thursday, February 18, 2010

Reactions to Shear Genius 3 Episode 3

Ok, so this week in a nutshell: the most drama came from Adee barfing on set, claiming food poisoning. Wouldn't everyone be eating the same thing, and, stuck as they are in close quarters 24/7, shouldn't everyone be sick?

The Short Cut challenge involved putting hair extensions on men, with the guidance of Extension Master Ken Paves. And of course with his own personal brand of extensions. Matthew won by making his curly-haired guy look like Willie Aames from Eight is Enough, but somehow that was considered a good thing.

The Elimination Challenge involved styling models for the covers of cheesy romance novels. As winner of the Short Cut, Matthew got to chose a partner and select their cheesy star-crossed lovers, plus pair up the remaining stylists and assign couples to them. Brig was the cheese (Velveeta, by the color of her hair) - she stood alone. How was it fair that she had to do 2 heads of hair in 2 hours, and everyone else got to work in pairs?

In the end, she managed to hide her mis-matched extensions and fool the judges into thinking she did a faboo job. Matthew and Janine did an even more (actual) faboo job and Matthew - as self-appointed team leader - got the win.

Adee and Faatemah were chosen as the bottom two. Faatemah was unceremoniously given the boot by the warm and charismatic Camila Alves, while Adee was left to whine and complain another day. I'm starting to see a pattern here....

So what did you think?