Saturday, February 06, 2010

Shear Genius 2 on Shear Genius 3 - Charlie Price

I’m happier than a label whore at a D&G clearance sale - Shear Genius is finally back!! I love watching the freaks, bad attitudes and tacky outfits - and baby all the DRAMA. So - here we go child! Lets talk some shit shall we?

Lets start with the judges:
  1. Camila Alves. The pretty lady did well enough I thought, she is charming and will do just fine. True she doesn’t have the polished speaking chops of a Jaclyn or Padma -but I say give the hottie a fair shot anyway (plus who doesn’t adore a sexy Spanish accent ?).
  2. Jonathan Antin was a pleasant surprise. He was the last douche on his masturbatory ego–fest of a show “Blow Out“ –but here he seemed like a credible and fair judge –who knew?
  3. Orlando Pita – I have not a bad word to say about this true hair genius. I just wonder-Why THIS gig PAPI? You are sooo above it ! My only guess is maybe he just wants to connect with the salon hairstylist – to further push his line of products for T3 –who knows? If its something along those lines honey, who can blame him.?
  4. Kim Vo –What can I say –after Armageddon there will be Cher, cockroaches and Miss Vo’s lips.
Things I LOVED:
  1. Janine’s spunkiness, Demi voice –and that siiick hairdo –GORGEOUS!
  2. Faatemah- A hilarious breath of fresh air – I cant wait to see more of her.
  3. The two ridiculous challenges! – Lets all pray they get even more ridiculous OK?
  4. Adee freaking out and screaming in a heavy English accent then kicking the Nexus displays around startling the shit out of the other contestants in the process --LMAO!!
  5. Brian’s hippy- dippy-and trippy routine completed with an artfully placed fart joke. GROSS!
Things I loved to HATE:
  1. Matthew saying “google me” LOL
  2. Amy’s braided hair bra –that was painful and delightful at the same time!
  3. Brig’s rollerskate shtick –Oh my! She is a special type of attention whore that Brig!
  4. The bottom three hairdos (which harshly brought to light that hairy chests just aren’t pretty-and- that maybe just maybe- not ALL of these kids truly are “the best of the best”)
  5. Giacomo taking of his shirt OY VEY!
I can’t wait! I want MORE! MORE! MORE! Shear Genius RULES! – Ill see all you bitches next week-xoxo-Charlie
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