Thursday, February 11, 2010

Reactions to Shear Genius 3 Episode 2

Right off the bat, Giacomo wimps out and leaves the competition, citing three kids he needs to take care of. Riiight. Maybe he just couldn't "cut it?"

The Short Cut challenge involved "blondarexia," a word I've come to hate. But blond Kim Vo wanted to see some over-processed blondes come out of the challenge with healthier-looking a different color. Brig tried to psych Matthew out, but she ended up giving him and advantage.

As for the Elimination Challenge - it was one of the more creative challenges I've seen, as the stylists had to create a hairdo based on a plate of food. Tuna Takaki hair? Chocolate Mousse hair? Some worked, some didn't. In the end, Arzo was asked to leave and Jon emerged victorious.

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